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What is the Difference between Yoga and Yoga Therapy?

difference between yoga and yoga therapy

What is yoga? Yoga has been known as a Hindu discipline, a science of life, an exercise, a self-improvement method, a gateway to God, and several more explanations. Yoga will improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As a result, Yoga learners will enhance their mental and physical well being. Yoga teaches us various things. […]

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How can Yoga help to reduce belly fat?

Yoga to reduce belly fat

Belly fat results as an acute morbid state of excessive fat accumulation. This condition occurs when for a longer period of time the calories intake is more than the expenditure of calories in the physical exercise by the individual. Reduce Fat through Yoga Yoga can reduce belly fat very effectively if done on regular and […]

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What is the difference between yoga and yogi?

difference between yoga and yogi

What is Yoga? Yoga is a physical and mental fitness system practiced for thousands of decades. It first originated in India and is now growing all over the world. One of the factors in its popularity is that even medical consultants advise patients on the importance of yoga, and scientists are studying it extensively. In […]

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Importance of Yoga in Health and Fitness

yoga ttc in Rishikesh

Yoga dating back to the Vedic period has numerous health benefits and has co-related scientific back up of physiological and anatomical studies. Yoga is no doubt a traditional science that was invented and practiced years back but not to forget it is at par with the modern scientific developments also. It is based on the […]

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