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Online Yoga Teacher Training by Hatha Yoga School


Yoga is not just about various asanas and meditation; It is beyond that. In this age, thanks to technology, everyone can reap the benefits of this ancient art of wellness. To facilitate quality yoga teaching, you must sign up for an online yoga teacher training course. And you'll be able to train yourself in a way that suits your schedule and the comfort of your home.

But, if you're signing up for Yoga TTC online, do it with a yoga school you can trust that matches your value and offers you a high-quality certification. The Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh justifies this criterion.

What is this online YTTC?


Hatha Yoga School has launched this online yoga training module which is easy, convenient, and personalized. This program is about improving your life with yoga in the most flexible way possible. With this training module, you can slow down, pause even replay. Hatha Yoga Online YTTC also covers your personal question through its live sessions.

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15 Days Ashtanga Online Yoga Teacher Training at Hatha Yoga School


200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training - 20,000 INR



Recorded Online Yoga Teacher Training Starts From 15,000 INR 

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Pillar of Hatha yoga Rishikesh Online YTTC


Hatha Yoga Online YTTC is far ahead in terms of quality and certification. Hatha yoga school offers an online training module for yoga courses 200 hrs,300 hrs, and 500hrs that is self-paced.

It is a training module developed by our team of expert teachers after years of research. In this training module, you will be guided about various asanas, various techniques of meditation and pranayama, yogic philosophy, and human physiology.

Features of Hatha Yoga Online YTTC modules


You can directly interact with your teachers through live sessions. They will guide you through each asana and meditation technique in a live session. You can talk immediately if there is any problem with any asana. Your mind will make you feel like you are in a yoga studio.

Hatha Yoga School, Rishikesh, has developed this training module on this philosophy. His aim is to help people learn more about this ancient science of yoga. The philosophy of the Hatha Yoga school is to infuse yoga into every aspect of life.

You will be given an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and an understanding of its relation to ancient yogic philosophy. Also, you will be guided through various techniques of meditation and pranayama.

Since you will be practicing with them through the live session so this will allow you to develop and create your style of meditation; you will be educated about the teaching methodology.

So you will be graduating as a person having complete knowledge of pranayama, yogic posture, human anatomy, and its relation with yoga science.

Benefits of this Online YTTC


This yoga teacher training is created in such a way so that it can fit with your busy and hectic schedule. Hatha yoga school Rishikesh has created this virtual training module in such a way that you will get a yoga studio experience that too online.

Also, another benefit of this online YTTC is that you will get unlimited access to the material. You can view it multiple time even after the end of your training.

Details about Hatha yoga Online YTTC


This online YTTC complies with the Yoga Alliance.  At the end of your training, there will be an online written and live practical examination.

After that, you will be provided with a valid 200 hrs yoga teacher certificate.

Do check their website if you are interested in joining this fantastic online YTTC.

The upshots of online YTTC


No matter how you complete your certification; whether in a yoga studio or in an online program. Your Yoga teacher training will make you more alive and filled your life with gratitude.

Though many people do not find online YTTC very appealing, it is a different perception. Hatha yoga school Rishikesh has created this module with the passion of infusing Yoga in your daily life in a most flexible way.