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Short Yoga Course in Rishikesh, India - Beginner Level

50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in Yoga? Well, then, know that it is totally possible. Yoga has been existing for centuries and focuses on transforming lives. Anyone who wants to take up a Short 50 hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh can come to us at hatha yoga school. We offer Short yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh that are much more than just asana practice. At our Institute of Yoga, you will learn to explore and comprehend your own body. With a perfect combination of physical exercises and subtle practices, we delve deeply into the rich understanding of the yoga world.

Why choose Hatha Yoga School for this short yoga course in Rishikesh

We offer 50 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Hatha Yoga School, Rishikesh. In this course, you will learn better how Yoga can be used in the real world. This course will also help you to control your lifestyle by studying meditation, Ayurveda, and other yogic principles. Our Short Yoga TT Course in Rishikesh will leave you fully enlightened and organized to teach Yoga better. Additionally, it gives you equal weightage on essential concepts of meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, and other subjects.

50-Hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, India - Dates and Prices - 2024

50-Hour YTTC - 2024


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50-Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh - Schedule of Daily Yoga Class

**There will be no yoga class scheduled on Sundays, but it may be used for visiting local attractions

  • 05.30 am – 06.00 am Detoxification cleanse and Meditation
  • 06.00 am – 07.00 am Breathing and Meditation
  • 07.00 am – 07.30 am Tea
  • 07:30 am – 09:00 am Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • 09:30 am – 10:30 am Breakfast
  • 10:30 am – 11:30 am Anatomy
  • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Self Alignment Teaching Practice
  • 12:30 pm – 01:30 pm Lunch
  • 01:30 pm – 02:30 pm Free Time
  • 02:30 pm – 03:00 pm Tea
  • 03:00 pm – 04:00 pm Philosophy
  • 04:30 pm – 06:00 pm Hatha Yoga
  • 07:30 pm Self Study/Cultural Program
  • 10:00 pm Light Off

What are the key benefits of this short term yoga courses in Rishikesh?

There are many benefits to pursuing the 50-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. Yoga is not only about immediate outcomes, but the prolonged impact of practicing Yoga regularly is immensely popular. Some of these include the following:--

  • Students would discover the true knowledge behind the yoga sciences of India.
  • All the students will get a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical as well as practical components of Yoga.
  • Through the 50-hour yoga TTC in Rishikesh, the students will be experiencing a crucial fusion of traditional yoga teachers with cutting-edge scientific practices.
  • The students would get instructions from the most prominent and experienced yoga teachers who strive to unite authenticity and the best teachings.
  • Students willing to become teachers would be trained to learn how to behave as true professionals.

What is Included in the 50-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Before you enroll in the Yoga Teacher Training classes, there are many things to know that would be included in the course module. To be precise, some of them are listed in the below pointers.

  • Students will get the study material required for the completion of the course.
  • A well-organized living space would be offered for the students to accommodate.
  • Students will get healthy food, filtered water, and wifi available, which would make lifestyle more accessible.
  • A daily sample and schedule are offered, which everyone can follow to lead a fitness life.
  • Students would receive an internationally accepted certification after completing the 50-hour YTTC in Rishikesh.
  • A peaceful learning environment would be offered where students can learn and grow into real professionals.
  • Besides conducting regular assignments and tests, both theory and practical classes would be offered.

What is So Special About the Short Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh?

We offer an exceptional and advanced 50 hours yoga teacher training course program. Many students have chosen it because of the specialty it comes with. Some of the reasons which make the course special include

  • It offers both modern as well as traditional yogic knowledge to the aspiring students
  • Regular assignments are given to the students to check their knowledge.
  • The certificate offered in this course is recognized and accepted globally.
  • Both theoretical as well practical training is conducted to enlighten the students entirely.
  • The course not only shapes you as a professional but also focuses on providing a life of fitness to the students.

Hatha Yoga School - Reviews

Pankaj Saini
Pankaj Saini Read More
I completed 100 hours TTC at Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and I found it to be a wonderful experience and truly heartwarming place with excellent teachers.
Nicole Steiner
Nicole Steiner Read More
I was here for a 100 hour prenatal teacher training and it was the best experience ever!!
the classes are very well organized and structured and the teachers are full of knowledge and the are all very patient and eager to teach and improve.
John Doe
John Doe@username Read More
This place is very amazing,providing awesoke food.everything is good. i really enjoyed the service of hatha yoga school.The trainers are so helpful and very caring..thank you

FAQ About 50-Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Program in Rishikesh

Is It Possible to Take the Course Virtually?

Yes, it is possible to do the course virtually if one cannot come to Rishikesh. All course modules and study material will be provided online.

The 50 hours of the teacher training course will be valuable worldwide. It can help you get a job at any leading yoga institute and start your own institution.

Yes, the 50 Hours Yoga Teacher Training fee can be paid online through any online mode. These may include credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, UPI, and many more. Click here for online payment to book your slot in advance.

There is no age requirement to take up the yoga teacher training course. People of all ages and gender can take up the YTT course as per their preference.

Yes, you can join. Anyone without any prior knowledge can take up the 50 hours of yoga teacher training courses. All you need to have is the determination and dedication to learn Yoga.