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What is yoga teacher training?



Yoga is the most talked and favored concept at present, especially among the health conscious society. There are many people around the globe who are thoroughly habituated about the concept of yoga or practice it regularly. However, yoga is indeed much beyond the physical poses or the practices. It can’t be realized upon going through the videos or the images on internet. If you wish to learn the underneath concept, science or depth of this great concept called yoga, taking certified yoga teacher training is a must recommendation.

What’s special about Yoga teacher training?

Certified Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is indeed much bigger aspect than any workshop or training session. It is also not necessary that someone after pursuing these training programs will have to teach or be a professional teacher. Yes, it’s a fact that considering the greater worth of these certificates, you can have a great opportunity to make the most of the promising scopes associated with yoga. Having a certification in this fashion would help you in getting offers from prominent institutions or yoga schools to join as a yoga teacher. However, as explained above, there are many who join such programs explicitly to explore the science of yoga.

Various programs

Talking about the yoga ttc in Rishikesh, we offer these training packages with various programs. Starting from very fundamental 100 hour yoga training program, 200 hour yoga training programs, to 300 and 500 hour programs, there remains various options in accordance with the level of expertise of the aspirant. From present perspectives, it is essential to have at least the 200 hour yoga training certification to be a professional yoga trainer. Well, it is advisable to pursue 500 hour yoga training programs to reach the highest point of your career as a yoga instructor.

Our yoga training programs give complete flexibility to its candidates. Making things encouraging for the foreign enthusiasts, top centers like Yoga teacher Training in Rishikesh come up with the option to offer their in-house programs, as well as around the zones with natural ecstasy. The choice of location sometimes depends upon the intensity of the program as well. For example, considering the toughness associated with hatha yoga, most of the hatha yoga school in Rishikesh can be found established at significant distance from the urban zones and at the places blessed magnetic natural beauty. Anyway, irrespective of the place, the teaching standard remains hugely dependent upon the efficacy of the teacher.

Who Can Join the Program?

Before joining a study program, it is obvious for the institution or the university to ask for the proof of certain desired qualification. This is important as the concerned person has to serve only a specific group of customers. But in case of yoga, the person has to serve for the entire human race. Hence, there is absolutely no mandatory qualification meant for an aspirant to join a yoga center in Rihikesh. In fact, any person, irrespective of age group, and family background can apply for our training programs without any issue. Well, there might be certain criterions like physical ability, mental strength test, etc final selection, considering the toughness of the concerned programs. The renowned yoga schools in Rishikesh even conduct special counseling sessions for the aspirants for a better motivation.

Aspects those are taught during Yoga Teacher Training?

As explained above, the distinguishing part about professional yoga teacher training is the scope of in-depth knowledge that it offers, rather than teaching only about the poses. The students are taught about the Sanskrit terms and their underneath meanings for a better understanding. They are taught about the reason behind such naming conventions and all. At the same time, being taught about the techniques to execute the poses, the students are also made learn about the relevance of such pose or the underneath science associated with it. They are taught about the relevance of the sequences and why this is important to minimize the risks of injury. Being the best yoga retreat in Rishikesh, we have employed the most experienced trainers who are efficient enough about clearing any doubt of the students by providing them the appropriate scientific explanation.

The higher concepts

A student is taught about the entire physiology and anatomy of human body, and are explained how these poses bring the entire body and mind in to harmony. The students are made learnt about each pose and its effect on any specific part of the body or the science associated with it. At the same time, yoga classes in Rishikesh also include special sessions for vedic mentions and the patanjali yoga sutras. In concurrence, they are taught about the yoga philosophies mentioned in the Bhagbad Gita. Explanations of each chakra, their relevance, meditation, prana, breathing techniques, etc are taught to the career enthusiasts in a simplified and elaborated fashion by the highly qualified trainers. On a whole, the most proficient yoga professionals are produced here.