Understanding of Yogic Concepts

Nadis, chakra, and Kundalini

Yoga is the deeper concept of the mind that is difficult to explain. It is such a wider part that it is divided into different parts. This divided yogic concept allows people to understand the meaning of yogic life. No rocket science is required to put your thoughts in this yogic world.

So, Let us start with the three essential parts of yoga.

Nadis, chakra, and Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga and Chakra

It is one of the essential parts of yoga that works in the line of snake coil. Now, don’t be confused with the word. It is nothing but the major part that shows the spine relation in terms of Muladhara Chakra. When one of them is activated, then it starts to show a rising effect on the spine area. It will show finally being able to reach the Sahasrara, which is the head chakra. This type of asana helps in enlightenment on the spiritual level.

This type of work is not to be the real work that can bring out the psychological truth. The spiral structure in the form of a snake usually helps in the work of a spring which works on a straight path. It also helps achieve more prolonged spring levels to stretch the body and soul simultaneously. This type of Kundalini works about that potential that is hidden deep within. It only needs you to bring it up and help you realize its actual value.


The Sanskrit word means flow, channel, or tube. This type of work is referred to as the flow of energy in the system in terms of a network. As per traditional beliefs, there are mainly 3 main nadis that are present in the human body. This type of principal work through a network in regards to the intense energy and spinal cord that depends on a focal point. This focal is known as the chakra.

  • Ida Nadi –

    This is the one that depends on the left channel of energy flow. It ends up on the left side of the nostrils. This type of energy is focused on mental energy.

  • Sushumna Nadi –

    This one is focused on the spinal part of the body. It is the one that has the crown intact to it as the root cause. Spiritual awareness helps is the main benefit obtained from it.

  • Pingala Nadi –

    It is the one that works on the right part or network. It is just like a mirror form of Ida Nadi and ends up at the right side of a nostril.