How can Yoga help to reduce belly fat?

Yoga to reduce belly fat

Belly fat results as an acute morbid state of excessive fat accumulation. This condition occurs when for a longer period of time the calories intake is more than the expenditure of calories in the physical exercise by the individual.

Reduce Fat through Yoga

Yoga can reduce belly fat very effectively if done on regular and vigorously .various modification in the yoga methodology can be done like you can add a dose of fat burning exercises, focus on a particular group of muscle or opt for yoga poses for toning of your body. Yoga is a vast form to practice ranging from meditation, pranayama to poses, but if you want to lose belly fat choosing the correct form which suits your body type is a must which can only be guided by the suitable yoga trainer. Yoga to reduce belly fat class may last as long as 90 minutes and will have extensive workouts that have a cardio effect.

Yoga Asanas to Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga to reduce belly fat

  • Pashimottanasan

Also known as seated forward bend

Technique: start with sitting erect on the ground with legs being stretched out in front of the body. Exhale slowly and bend forward again. Steadily Stretch out arms, and let them reach much as allowed by the range of the movement. Inhale slowly and relax. Then lift the head slightly upward elongating your spine. Exhale and move navel towards knees. Repeat this a few times. Now place your head on your legs, and hold the pose there only. Inhale and come up back to the sitting posture with arms stretched out.

  • Setu Bandhan asana

This is known as bridge pose

Technique: Lie flat on the back and Bend your knees to place the feet on the ground making hips apart. Arms should rest along the body, with palms facing downwards. Inhale, and try to lift your back off the floor. Thighs are parallel to each other and also the floor. Mingle up the fingers and push your hands harder to the ground to lift up the torso higher. Hold the posture for at least for a while. Breathe slowly and deeply.  Exhale and release the pose slowly.

  • Bhujangasana

This is known as Cobra asana

Technique: To start the pose, lie on the stomach and place the forehead on the floor. Put your feet together and make hip-width apart. The pubic bone should be in aligned towards the floor to stabilize your lower back and press your feet actively onto the floor. Inhale, start lifting the head and chest from the floor. Keep the elbows slightly bent with making back muscles straight.

This yoga poses for belly fat can be practiced on day to day basis by anyone easily. Also, if you are performing the yoga poses then you need to take care of your diet as well since it can be difficult. The balanced diet with yoga will be the best combination for you to follow.