Most Common Myths about Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

No doubt Yoga community is expanding day by day but still, there is a lot of misconceptions around it in spite of so much noise around it in such case yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can give answers to all your doubts. The ancient practice has become a multi million industry around the world with more than a million practitioners all around.

Let us discuss the myths about yoga teacher training Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  1. Yoga is only for spiritual people

Spirituality is often misguided with the religion and that distracts many from yoga classes without understanding the true spirituality and its relations with yoga. This is not what yoga actually meant for thousands of years of its origin as well as progression .it is the thoughts of the mind in order to connect with the self that does not require you to be from a particular race or gender. It is an internal part of yoga that helps to channelize the energy of the mind body and soul for a deeper aspect of health.

  1. Yoga requires you to be immensely flexible

Image of yoga due to extensive advertisements has been distorted, in everyone’s mind, it is slim gorgeous beautiful young women doing stretches and bends. Even with growing knowledge and popularity of yoga in western countries if you tell them you practice yoga they immediately think of you bending like a rubber band. Men and women of any body type can practice for various benefits. Yoga is a science that has tons of explained and researched benefits and has many benefits which cater beyond the flexibility exercises.

  1. Its so women dominated

With the increasing popularity of yoga number of people going for yoga practice is increasing. Yoga centers and yoga studios in western countries are packed with people doing asana and meditation but when it comes to men numbers are still few and can be counted easily among hundreds of students. Even though the health benefits of yoga are countless and is beneficial to both the sexes number of men practicing it are very less. No doubt Yoga community is very much female dominated. Even though the health benefits of yoga are countless and is beneficial to both the sexes number of men practicing it are very less.

  1. Boring and non-exciting

People who like to sweat out there heart at gym feels that yoga is not that regressive and experimental like there gym exercises and end up being confused about yoga practice. New forms of yoga are evaluating with time which are as competitive as any other exercise forms. Addition of various props with partner variations makes yoga more interesting.