Yoga – How the Nostrils Work

Nostrils Work

As a human, we do breathing 24×7 without even noticing it. It is an essential part of body functioning. Breathing is a foremost part respiratory system where nostrils play an important part in it.  It is the process through which every cell of the body gets the essential nutrition f life that is oxygen also known as “the food for life”. Similarly, breathing is as important in yoga as in life. Controlling breathing pattern in the right way is what we call pranayamas plan refers to the life this pattern of deep breathing can improve your lung capacity increasing each cell life in a healthy manner. Following a proper pattern like inhaling while bending, exhaling while relaxing. Inhaling while sitting and etc can oxygenate your body.

Nostrils Work

When we are in the healthy state both the nostrils are constantly working simultaneously but there is left vs. right nostril breathing state in mind.

While you are breathing through the nose. However, according to the scientific researches, it has been found that one nostril is always more dominant than the other. And the dominant nostril switches every two and a half hours.

As researched right nostril is directly related to the sympathetic part of the brain, the fear and flight response of the body. On the other side, the left nostril breathing is directly related with the parasympathetic part of the brain, the repair and rest mechanism of the body.

Accordingly, breathing through the right nostril work will tapping into a more energy state of mind, and breathing through the left nostril will make one more relax and calm down. The result of today lifestyle the results in an unbalanced state of mind by creating more stress and lowering our immunologic defenses. There are different basic breathing sets. Pranayamas will help regain balance and will even allow the yogi to in the elevated states of being.

According to Nadi Vedas when there is not enough heat in the system as in cold limbs, low blood pressure and depression breathing through the Right nostril is helpful as to stimulate the energy channel from the sun and out through the Left to relax the lunar channel. This pranayama practice is called Suryabhedana. Also, Yogi practice similar discovery done, as said that our inner energy balance is affected by the flow of energy along three major channels Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis. Ida or the lunar channel is the cooling property and has the feminine quality; it terminates in the left nostril. Pin-gala or solar channel is heating and has masculine quality; it terminates at the right nostril. Yoga and nostrils share a weird relationship that can be a hectic task for you but the fact is that it will be amazing to feel. Nostrils are connected to the various thing and the topmost is the breathing. When you inhale while in the meditation pose, then the oxygen that will go in for the circulation will have a soothing effect on the body.