Why is yoga dominated by Women?

yoga and women

With the advancement in yoga practices and flourishing practices, yoga is all around the corner. Yoga centers and yoga studios are packed people ding asana and meditation but when it comes to men they are very less and can be counted on fingers. Even though the health benefits of yoga are countless and is beneficial to both the sexes number of men practicing it are very less. Despite the fact that everyone aspires to be a yogi with budding yoga trend, the yoga community is still female-dominated. The ancient practice has become a multi-million industry around the world with more than 20 million practitioners all around, 80 % of them are women. Yoga and women are becoming synonyms.

yoga and women

 You have to be too flexible with your body

if you ask anyone what is yoga they immediately think of a beautiful woman doing stretches and bending .even with growing passion and popularity of yoga in western countries if tell people you are doing they immediately think of you bending like a rubber band. Men and women of any body type can practice yoga. Yoga is a science that has tons of explained and researched benefits and hence anyone from any age gender race flexible or not can be benefited from it.

Yoga is an only light exercise

Another misconception among men is yoga is only light exercise and cannot be used for weight loss muscle toning and is different from heavyweight gym exercises.  No doubt you can add a dose of fat burning exercises, focus on a particular group of muscle or opt for yoga poses for toning. In short adding yoga is very beneficial when it comes to weight but on one bet that is to be faithful to its regularity.

You do not sweat much

The cyclic momentum of one poses to another with a deep breathing pattern helps you sweating as much as a gym. There are different levels of yoga that can be practiced; you have to be sure of what you are doing. Sometimes more than just relaxation of mind and one or two stretches of the body, you need to focus more practice often and hard to achieve the better results.

It’s the way media and advertising agency are showing it

Yoga for women is everywhere in adds and print media only skinny beautiful women are seen practiced in the beaches r riversides that why the focus of the world is shifting only to women when it comes t yoga practice.

Way too spiritual

Spirituality is often misguided with the religion and that’s distracting men from yoga classes without understanding the true spirituality. This is not what yoga actually meant for thousands of years .it is the thoughts of the mind in order to connect with the self that does not require you to be from a particular race or gender. You will feel spiritually connected with the mind, body and soul in your life with the sense of peace.