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What is tadasana ?

Tadasana, it comes from the Sanskrit words “tada” means “mountain”. It is a simple standing posture, which forms the basis for all the standing asanas. In this asana body looks like a palm tree thats the reason it is also known as “Mountain Pose”.  Tadasana also called “samasthiti”. The meaning of this word “sama” means upright, straight and unmoved. “Sthiti” means “standing still”, steadiness. Tadasana is the base of all the yoga asanas, and the other asanas emerged with this asana. Mostly all the standing poses are shifts in a certain part of your body or an individual joint that spring from the Tadasana, while the other parts remain neutral.  The reular practice of this asanas increases the height and improves our posture.


To learn this asana moslty people prefer yoga center in rishikesh where they join the yoga teacher training in rishikesh and learn all the basic steps and different types of yoga asanas. Tadasana is the beginning and ending asana of Surya Namaskar. You can do  this asana in two different position and try both of them  as your comfortable ability level.

  • In standing Position
  • In Suspine Position


Tips for Yoga Beginners to do the Tadasana

You can practiced this asana any time of the day. It’s not compulsory that this asana must be done on an empty stomach. If you are following it up with yoag asanas, So it is best for you if you have take your meals at least four to six hour before you do this asana.

  • Level: Basic
  • Style: Hatha Yoga
  • Time- Duration: 20 seconds
  • Repetition times : 10 times
  • Stretches: The whole body
  • Support: Knees, Thighs, Ankles, Back

How to do Tadasana (Moutain Pose)

To  learn this Tadasana just follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, stand on a firm ground with the feet together and keep your hands at your sides and look in the front.
  • Now try to balancing yourself on the heels, and raise your toes and hold it for 10 seconds. Now bring the toes back on the ground and move forward your public bone.
  • In moderation, just lift your chest up and out. After that , you need to raise up your head. Lift the base of your head, towards the ceiling, lengthening your neck in the process.
  • Now putting all the pressure on your toes, lift your legs up, first your calves and then your thighs. Keeping your breath steady and remain in the position for 22 minutes.
  • While exhaling, just feel your breath going down, right from the head to the stomach and into your feet. Now you can come back to the original position slowly and just repeat the process.


Precaution before to do Tadasana

  • It is best for those people who is suffering from headaches, low blood pressure and insomnia just avoid this asana.
  • Its good for the preganant women, during the preganancy duration just skip this asana.
  • if you are lightheaded and/or dizzy just avoid to do this asana.


Tips for Beginners to do Tadasana

If you are beginner and its difficult to you to maintain the pose on toes by raising the heels, then your can perform this pose without coming into toes. If you are practicing day by day then you can to maintain this pose on toes by raising your heels.

Top 10 Benefits of Tadasana:

  1. Tadasana is the best exercise to increase the height.
  2. To do this asana , the problem of flat feet is reduced.
  3. This Tadasana helps to improve body posture.
  4. The regular practice of this asana your thighs, knees and ankles become stronger.
  5. It helps to improve balance.
  6. This asana is good for regulatin g the menstrual cycle in women.
  7. The asana provides strength and expansion to the lungs.
  8. Activates the nerves of the entire body.
  9. Improve the problems related to the indigestion.
  10. It helps to remove lethargy from body. And gives strength to vertebral column and heart.