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Difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga

Difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga

Both Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are quite different from the traditional forms. Both Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are done at the comfort level of the practitioner. Both are quite focused on breathing techniques as well. Well, such little similarities sometimes generate the perception that both Yin and Restorative yoga are the same things.

The similarities like these are the reasons that certain poses are also referred as yin restorative yoga poses. But, go to any certified trainer having yoga teacher training in India, they can explain you exactly how both these two differ from each other.

India is indeed one of the best destinations in the world to solve any kind of query related to Yoga. The prominent centers like “Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh” here can help you the best on these aspects.

Anyway, here we present a concise analysis regarding the difference between both forms of yoga. It also discusses what yin yoga is, what is Restorative Yoga, and their relationship.

Difference in their poses:

As explained above, hot Yin Yoga poses emphasize more on meditation. Both Yin and restorative yoga make the practitioner more flexible. However, Yin Yoga can be distinguished as these poses or moves normally target the not-so-flexible parts of the human body. Where other yoga forms are focused on flexibility of the muscles, Yin Yoga makes the joints more flexible, which is indeed a challenging aspect.

Anyway, one needs to be careful enough while practicing these forms of yoga as the joints like knees, lower back, etc holds every possibility of getting injured. As said above, make sure your guide has taken proper yoga teacher training in India. Trainings of such are essential to teach the practitioner about stretching, breathing, etc.

A tricky difference between both types of yoga (Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga) lies with their poses. Though certain poses look identical in both case, but the practicing method for both vary. These little differences can be understood, if someone understands their purpose.

Hence, it is recommended to join any best yoga ashram in India that can cite these differences. For example, breathing techniques appear quite same in both cases. However, whereas breathing is more focused on relaxing the body in case of restoration, it is meant to uplift the energy level in case of Yin Yoga. Someone who has taken yoga teacher training in India, from any reputed Institution can thoroughly make you understand about these differences.

Usage of Prop, stretch, etc:

One of the fundamental differences between both forms of yoga is the usage of prop. Restorative yoga poses are practiced through the usage of props, and there is hardly any prop used for Yin poses.

Difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga forms that becomes tough sometimes to distinguish is the level of stretching. These differences are important to be understood well by the practitioner. Especially, the first timers should definitely make sure that their trainer is trained through the center providing best yoga teacher training in India. The stretches in case of Yin yoga are quite harmonized by gravity effect.

On the other hand, the stretches in case of Restorative yoga are comparatively easier being supported by the props. However, the practitioner needs to thoroughly get the right positioning of props, and why such positioning matter. Join a best yoga ashram in India to properly understand these points.

Differing advantages:

One of the biggest advantages of restorative yoga over the Yin yoga benefits is that it can be practiced even if the practitioner is not completely fine. A hurt body can practice Restorative yoga for coming back to its earlier state. However, the scenario differs in case of Yin Yoga. One needs to be at absolutely comfortable state to practice Yin Yoga. Duration of both these poses also does vary from each other.

Hence, one should practice through a guide having trained at a best yoga teacher training in India. It is important to understand that it matters for both the yoga forms to be practiced in coordination with the breathing.

Why understand the difference:

Some people have the perception that they can perform the pose seeing the picture or the videos. They believe executing the pose exactly as shown in the photo can deliver them the desired advantage. Well, though one may replicate the physical forms exactly by referring a picture, but no picture can definitely explain you whether restorative yoga is more beneficial for you or the Yin Yoga.

You have to understand this from only a best yoga ashram in India like Hatha Yoga School Rishikesh”. Moreover, it’s not a big deal about duplicating the poses of restoration or Yin Yoga as shown in an image as these forms of yoga prioritize on techniques, breathing ways, etc, rather than the mere physical movements.