Top 10 yoga asana to reduce belly fat – Yoga School in rishikesh

It’s effectiveness towards lowering the body fat and correcting the body posture is one of the reasons that Yoga is so much popular these days. People try various exercises to reduce belly and hips. However, it can be certainly claimed that nothing is as effective and quick as of Yoga.


The best part of yoga is that its effects are enduring, and one can try at home. Moreover, the yoga abs or yoga poses for abs are the most enduring than any other method. Given below are ten top yoga poses to remove stubborn belly fat, or to develop abs.


This is the best yoga for weight loss. In fact, there is no better way of tummy reduction in minimal possible time frame. The process is quite simple as well. However, as a first timer, you should practice under thorough guidance of certified trainers with proper yoga teacher training in India. If you are in a hurry, this is the best yoga to lose weight in 10 days only.


Here comes another easy and effective exercise to reduce tummy in 7 days. Yes, practicing Setubandhasana in combination with Dwichakrasana and kapalbhati can cut your extra inches in as little as 7 days. Well, for the exact repitations, techniques, timing, etc, consulting a school for yoga teacher training in India would be a better recommendation.


Uthkatasana is one of the simplest yoga asanas for flat stomach. Observing the techniques once at any institution offering best yoga teacher training in India is quite enough to practice this at home by own. Even if you required any further help, you can search “exercise to reduce belly fat with pictures” over the web; Uthkatasana is obvious to be there as it is one of the most popular ways of belly fat reduction.

Surya Namashkar:

It is here to note that one can loss highest calorie through performing surya namashkar cycle than anything else in the world. Naturally, this is one of the most recommended yoga asanas for weight loss. However, most people commit mistakes with its techniques. Thus, it is advised to learn these techniques first through a reputed center for yoga teacher training in India would be a better suggestion.


This is the perfect answer for someone asking about how to reduce belly fat or anything related. However, there remain threats of back pain if done wrongly, though it’s quite simple to practice. Hence, the better recommendation would to join a school known for offering best yoga training in India to learn it initially.


Here comes another option for the questions like how to reduce belly fat by yoga. Naukasana can also be performed at home. However, it is advised (specially the women) to consult the experts with best yoga training in India to understand breathing.


Usthrasana is one of the most popular yoga asanas for reducing belly fat. At the same time being the best yoga for flat tummy, it is equally effective against back pain issues as well. Regular practice of improves flexibility in a magical way. You can learn these techniques by joining any popular yoga ashram in India.


Dhanurasna is like a must recommended yoga exercise for flat stomach. This best yoga for stomach fine-tunes your posture in the most attractive fashion as well. However, this yoga for weight loss is quite tricky, and may lead to injury if wrongly done. Thus, joining a best yoga ashrama in India to learn the techniques perfectly is always recommended.


It is the lightest forms of yoga to reduce belly. No doubt this looks easy. However, you should first learn the breathing rules through a yoga ashram in India for flawless execution, hence for best result. Bhujangasana has been one of the best recommendations as yoga to reduce belly fat for women.


These poses have best effects on all body parts. Naturally, this is also a nice yoga to reduce tummy. Well, being one of the toughest and trickiest poses, this yoga to reduce weight demands proper training.