Top 10 Benefits of Yoga for Women | Hatha Yoga School

Yoga has no gender barrier; it is equally effective for both male and females. Yoga for women has incredible health benefit. In fact, considering lifestyle of the contemporary women, it has become essential that they realize yoga benefits, and thus practice regularly. Presented below are top 10 yoga benefits for women that will encourage them to join a yoga class immediately.

Note: Avoid female back pain, post 30s  
Postures of yoga are the best ways of improving flexibility among women. Stretches practiced while doing yoga poses are incredible in terms of avoiding the back pain issues, that women often suffer after 30s. The poses like hastapadasana, salavasana, etc can be practiced by any woman, of any age, and still are known as the best yoga for back pain.

Yoga Reduce Stress:

As everyone knows, yoga is as effective for mind as it is for the body. Considering the level of stress the modern day ladies are going through, it is important for them to practice surya namashkar and pranayams to keep perfect balance between body and mind. They should definitely practice meditations under thorough supervision of someone having yoga teacher training in India.

Yoga heal in Arthritis:

It’s a fact that arthritis is more common among women than the men. These issues grow as the ladies grow with age. Practicing yoga regularly can definitely avoid such chances completely. However, the poses meant to treat the joint pain or arthritis should always be practiced in presence of a guide having certified yoga teacher training in India.
Menstrual disorders:
Disordered lifestyle and the nature of modern day professions have turned out to be the prominent reasons behind impotency and fertility issues among the couples. Women to be specific have been greatly affected due to this.
Anyway, practicing the yoga poses like sarvangasana, sirsana, sinmhasana, can check various female fertility or menstrual issues. But, as always said, practice these only in supervision of a certified yoga teacher training in India.

Thyroid issues:

Thyroid disorders are quite common among women. Well, no need to spend huge amounts for medications if you practice the poses like Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, and sinmhasna regularly. These asanas are tricky. Hence, you should initially practice these at a center known for best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Helps during pregnancy:

The best way to stay fit during the pregnancy is to practice yoga regularly. However, it is always advised that women should practice only at a center known for best yoga teacher training in India to avoid any kind of risk. Poses like Marjariasana, Tadasana, Viparitakarani, etc are considered the best for pregnant ladies.

Cardiac disease:

Cardiac issues have appeared as one of the biggest threats for women in modern times. Yoga can be a fantastic way of avoiding such threats. No worry even if you can’t practice tough poses due to fitness issues. You can enjoy the same benefits through simple Pranayams techniques through a school for best yoga training India.


Asthma is also one of the diseases frequently found among women. Growing pollution has made things even more challenging. Good news is that there is certain excellent yoga for women are there to avoid such issues completely.
Many yoga ashrams in India teach these techniques free of cost. Pranayms to be particular have been the best healers of asthma. And, pranayams can be practiced by anyone; rather, these are considered yoga for beginners.

Belly fat:

Women always want to be in good shape. Yoga has been the best ways for them to cut those extra pounds without any weight lift or using any stimulator. Yoga ashramas in India have made things even easier for the ladies, by teaching explicit poses for the experts and the yoga poses for beginners.

Blood Pressure and diabetes:

High Blood pressure is like an invitation to all sorts of diseases. On the other hand, contemporary work pressures always involve threats of high blood pressure for women. Simple suggestion for these ladies on this regard would be to join a best yoga ashrama in India. They arrange special classes for women suffering from blood pressure and diabetes.