What is blindfold yoga?

What is blindfolded yoga

What is blindfolded yoga?

As the name suggests blindfold yoga refers to the practice of yoga when your eyes were covered with the help of a blindfold. This trend has become popular recently in countries like unites states and few more countries of Europe and is on the way where people will relish it as much as other yoga forms. This form of yoga has been the craze everywhere bee n in yoga festivals or on YouTube videos. The idea of blindfolds while performing yoga poses can be fun, but at the same time is frightening for many.

But why blindfold yoga? Ever wondered while we go to sleep we close our eyes and there is deep thought of inner consciousness that is necessary for the replenishment of each and every cell of the body. It makes the poses challenging which in turn helps in realizing the difficulties of life and how to overcome it.

In blindfold yoga practices first you enter the class your tutor makes you feel understand the procedure well versed and comfortable with the props if t be used and with the aromas in the class, now the difficult task starts where you have to perform poses, few poses like sun salutations are difficult to perform in starting but then you get all used to it and start loving the concept of being aware of you and your inner self with no hesitations related to the outside world.

What is blindfolded yoga

The transformation on blindfolded yoga is personal level and can be considered somewhat similar to meditation or yoga nidra practices although the level of inner consciousness is way too higher in meditation impact of both these can be comparable. It is a new experience for the students for challenging themselves for various tasks that can come in their way of practicing yoga or may be other life hurdles.

Yoga school in Rishikesh is implementing various experimental forms of yoga practices so that various minute aspects of correlations with life can be understood and one of them is blindfold yoga. It’s about moving out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself beyond the limits.

Hath yoga school in Rishikesh teaches the practice of blindfold yoga so that all your senses become activated and if your eyes are closed you are more focused on empowering other senses too for experiencing the journey of the awakening of the energy within.

This is not it. There is so much more about this form of healing that can be taught in details in proper classes. However, the blindfold yoga gives you a more insight into how you can depend on your sense and help them into something remarkable. This will improve your sense of giving you a proper direction to move forward to so that you can help in dealing at any point. Also, you will feel independent since you no longer follow that eyesight is everything.

So, don’t wait to have that feeling of independence with right yoga classes in Rishikesh.