Yoga poses for teenage skin care

yoga poses for teenagers

Skin is the gateway for a confident personality. Every woman wishes for that flawless skin that becomes the centre of attraction wherever they go. Especially in teenage when various changes are happening in the body issues like pigmentation and acne are very common which can cause low self-esteem.

This issue can grow with age and time and hence it must be rectified at the correct time. It might not be important but it is highly essential to take care of.

Let us see some of the yoga poses for teenagers

yoga poses for teenagers

  1. VIRABHADRASANA (warrior pose): extending one leg backwards with stretching hands upward. Not only increases the blood flow to the various parts of the body especially skin. It also manages the hormonal balance in the body which fights with the pimples and pigmentation and increases the oxygenation.
  2. UTTANASANA (standing forward bend pose): This is a forward bending pose which stretches the back and opens up the trapped energy within the joints and muscles of the body increasing the flow of blood to face, head and scalp. But don’t forget to the extent the pose only to the degree of pain and flexibility of your own body.
  3. DANDASANA (staff pose): it is derived from the Sanskrit word dand that means a stick. Start this asana with Sitting erect lying down over the ground, with your back straightened and tighten upward and your legs stretched out in front of you. Your legs must be lying in the positions that they are parallel to each other, and feet should be pointed upwards. This is a wonderful yoga for glowing skin.
  4. 4. Tadasana (mountain pose): It is a common standing yoga posture, start by standing straight with feet together and back in a straight position. raise the arms and inhale with standing on your toes hold for sometimes then come back while exhaling slowly. It allows the body and consciousness to integrate and align in one plane. This asana is also believed to treat insomnia and low blood pressure. With its breathing action, it increases the glow in your face.
  5. Kapal Bhati (Light Skull Breathing or Skull Brightener Breath): Sit in a comfortable position where the backbone is straight and the stomach is not compressed. Inhale deeply through the nostrils. Contract your lower abdomen or use your hands to gently press on this area, forcing out the breath in a short burst, increases the body’s oxygen supplies to different cells in the bodies, which stimulates and provide energy to the skin.

Yoga for teenagers is a multidimensional practice which can be used in various problems that adolescent age faces due to changes in the body. Hence, there is no need to be worried about the changes that your skin will go through. Yoga will keep it fresh and healthy at the best of its level. All you need to do is invest some time and efforts to ensure that you are at your best possible result.