What is Hot Yoga and Its Benefits and Poses?

Hot yoga poses

Hot yoga is a term that is described apart of yoga which is practiced under extreme conditions such as humid and hot conditions. It is one of the top yoga fitness that is based on the heat of the body and room temperature. This increases the sweat all over the body and works to improve body health. The type of yoga-inspired yoga tends to replicate humidity and heat enhancing the power at a fast rate.

Difference between yoga and hot yoga

Since the definition both styles are different makes them entirely different for each other. Regular yoga widely depends on relaxing your mind and attaining peace. Whereas hot yoga has focused on sweating out your body. For a regular yoga, there is usually limited movement unless we reach some upper extend whereas hot yoga includes a lot of body movement that results in profound sweating. The main difference is the release of hormones in an appropriate amount such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. This exposure is mainly seen in hot yoga with a tremendous amount of yoga poses.

Hot yoga poses

Hot yoga poses

There are many poses that are performed under the name of hot yoga. The main postures that are seen in hot yoga are:

  • Parayma – Standing Deep Breathing – This type of pose helps in fighting with the respiratory system.
  • Ardha-Chandrasana – Half Moon – This pose works efficiently for the muscle strengthening of the core body.
  • Pada-Hasthasana – Hands to Feet – This type of posture helps in enhancing the flexibility of the body and spine stretching.
  • Utkatasana – Awkward Pose – The posture depends on shaping up your body and toning your muscles.
  • Tuladandasana – Balancing Stick – The posture works efficiently on pouring off the blood speed and helps in vein cleaning.

Hot yoga benefits

For a devotee of yoga, there are many benefits that can be attained by hot yoga. The topmost one is detoxification of body which helps in emitting toxin from the body in the form of sweat. It will help in cleaning up your inner self with the flushing of unwanted substance. Hence, it will provide muscle warm-up that will keep you in a safe haven. However, the hot room working will take you to a whole new level with the involvement of cardiovascular workout. This will also improve your breathing and help in relaxing your body.

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