Most Important Reasons why Dancing is the best Meditation

What is dance meditation

Meditation is synonyms to people indulging in deep insight condition where they are cut off from the outer environment. It is completed with silence or chanting om and Gayatri mantras. Sitting in a typical yogi posture with no music or low music around is the conventional way to do meditation at least it’s the way people take it, but what we say that dancing can also be the way of meditation. Yes, you have heard it right who could have thought of dancing as meditation as it’s not the mirror image of what we think.

Let us discuss how they both are similar even though people do not think them the way out. What does meditation do? It has the power to flow the positive energy and get rid of intoxicating thoughts all around.

What is dance meditation?

People are using thoughtful music and moving along with it as the natural way of releasing the expectation on the dance floor that leads to the discovery of a new of experiencing a release of all the tensions at the moment when you enjoy every single step.

What is dance meditation

How to do dance meditation

You can start doing dance meditation at home at your backyard or living space where you have the connection for the music and just open the sound and start moving your body along with rhythms that can also lead you to the spiritual way as meditation does.

Why dancing is the best meditation

As dancing with the tuning of the music let us go with the flow of the energy that permeates from outer world towards inward self.

When we are dancing we can feel the love and compassion and we get to indulge in the activity that gives the soothing effect to our soul and creates the feeling of relaxation and ecstasy.

Dancing and meditation both are art that has to be practiced in the way that they release the happy hormones to soothe up the desires that drag from enjoying the real existence of life. When done in the way you love it dancing helps us in self-control and realization of awareness.

If you have ever suffered from depression you must have prescribed either meditation or dancing session to fight with the internal wars between the consciousness and the feeling, but if you are finding the conventional way of doing meditation way too difficult and uncomfortable then doing dance meditation is truly apt for you. Give it a try and feel the benefit.

Even on the other part, meditation dancing has its own importance that has a lot of effect on the human body. Dance helps in keeping a body fit and far away from any other diseases. It might not show the actual advancement but it will shape up your body. Especially, if you are looking forward to losing some weight then it will be extremely helpful for you. So, don’t wait much since it will ensure stability and happiness.