5 Best Yoga Poses to Help You Slim Down & Tone Your Body

yoga for a slim body

With increasing shift of the habits and the daily routine of people are pushing them to various health problems and many of them are serious ailments that can cause lifetime impact on their life one of the major cause of this disease is obesity or weight gain. We are sitting on a time bomb which can explode anytime and give you issues like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, infertility, cancers etc. working out on your body is essential to enjoy human life. Let us see few body toning yoga exercises.

yoga for a slim body

  1. Vrikshasana (Popularly called out as tree pose): Fold the legs and place them over the thighs try shifting the weight to another leg, you can start with right leg, the entire foot should be in direct alignment of the floor. Another knee bent and foot placed on the inner thigh of the first leg in a lotus position.

This pose expanses the legs, spinal and arms, and forelegs muscle. It brings stability and steadiness in posture correction. This yoga for toning and sliming has been establish to release a few cases of backache also. It makes the limbs strong and releases the hips.

  1. Trikonasana (Triangle pose): Place both legs apart from each other placing at 90 degrees and another leg at 30 degrees from each other. Bend your body from below your hips while inhaling deeply and slowly. Lift both the hands straight upward. It strengthens the muscle of knees, ankles, legs, chest, and arms. It stretches and unfastens up the groins, hamstrings, hips, and chest and also the calves, backbone, and shoulders improving their stability and efficiency.
  1. Konasana (Goddess Pose): Slowly increase the distance among the two limbs, Stretching arms and Grasp the posture there. This pose requires the stretching of the inner thigh, hip and groin areas. One should go slowly and should not push the body beyond its limits keeping in mind the gap between the legs. Works well on hips, calf muscles, the arms and back where the action is based on the cardio effect on the body. It strengthens and tones the primary muscles of the backbone and ribcage, Toughens the quadriceps and internal thigh forces.
  1. Bhujang asana ( Cobra asana): Start the posture, lie on the belly and rest the temple on the floor. Put your feet laidback and make hip-width separately. Place hands below the shoulders, keeping elbows close to the lower body. Cobra pose helps relieve the upper body stiffness also. The pose is helpful in strengthening the entire shoulder area and upper back. It creates more flexibility into the lower back.
  1. Tadasana (Fountain pose): Keep the straight position and align your body with the floor. Now inhale and stand on your toes holding then come back while exhaling slowly.

Call out and try yoga for a slim body. It will help you to get the perfect shape and the body that you have always dreamt about.