Most common yoga injuries and how to avoid them

how to avoid yoga injuries

Doing any physical exercise comes with its pros and cons and sometimes yoga injuries become unavoidable too but to keep in mind if executed properly under the guidelines and instruction injuries can be reduced to zero. Your trainer might want you to push forward as required but it’s also important to prevent injuries from your yoga class.

Let see few of the injuries and how to avoid yoga injuries

how to avoid yoga injuries

  1. back injury

Sometimes doing a posture in a wrong way can invite both lower as well as upper back pain which can turn out to be a long-standing chronic pain, special care should be taken care while doing chakrasana (wheel pose) and seated forward bend pose. In poses where bending and twisting of the spine is required, then special care should be taken to align and lengthening your spine properly and keep them as straight as possible.

  1. Hamstrings pull or calves pain

Sometimes simple calf pain arises as the result of excessive lactic acid in the muscle which can be easily curbed off by keeping yourself hydrated and taking the balanced nutrient diet. Trying too hard on the flexibility in any posture can lead to hamstring pull which is sometimes quite painful. To avoid such injuries remember to start with poses which straighten the gluteus and calves and they move forward to start with a simple chair pose. Try to keep the balance as focused as possible.

  1. Neck pain

Care should be taken when doing asanas like headstand, shoulder stand etc that body weight should be uniformly distributed on your heads and shoulder and if it is unevenly present on the neck this can lead to a neck sprain. Inversion exercises are more prone to injuries and should be deal under instructions only.

  1. Wrist pain

Wrist pain is common which can be aggravated when doing certain asana like downward or upward dog pose. Make sure if already suffering from wrist pain avoid weight-bearing exercise or try to distribute weight on your fist.

So, get rid of any pain with yoga. However, you need to be very careful while doing it. The injuries are very common that can happen any time at any day. It is essential to carefully work out while taking care that you are all good to go. Do, don’t wait up and get ready to explore.