How does Pranayama help you?

benefits of pranayama

Breathing is one of the important aspects of living for living beings, but to do it with right technique Pranayama is the best way. The term Pranayama is relatable for people who do Yoga regularly to stay fit. It is referred to as the scientific process of inhalation and exhalation, which boosts the flow of oxygen in every part of the body. The word Prana means cosmic energy which combines all the elements of the universe and Ayama means the technique of stimulating this force in our body. Those individuals, who do Yoga regularly, will definitely know the true benefits of pranayama.

Here is how to do Pranayama breathing in Yoga:

The two simple techniques of Pranayama are:

Sukhasana (Easy Pose)

1.Sit straight with your limbs crisscrossed such as Virasana, or Easy Pose – Sukhasana.

  1. Start breathing deeply through your mount and feel the air flowing through the windpipe.
  2. Now exhale the air in a whispering way. You need to retain your throat constriction.
  3. Then, smoothly close your mouth so that you only can breathe with your nose.
  4. Feel the sound of breath as it will soothe your mind.
  5. Keep breathing until your chest, ribs, and belly are full and then completely exhaling the air.

benefits of pranayama

Nadi Shodhna (Alternate Channel Breathing)

  1. Sit in the Sukhasana – Easy Pose, with legs crossed.
  2. Then, place your right thump in such a way that it closes right nostril entirely.
  3. Then inhale profoundly through the left nostril.
  4. Then utilise your ring finger of the same hand to close your left nostril and respire air via the right nostril.
  5. Make sure that your left nostril is still closed, and breathe via your right nostril.
  6. Now exhale the air via left nostril, while keeping your right closed with the help of thumb.
  7. For real results, repeat the process for more than ten times, and gradually increase.

Why do Pranayama?

The significance of doing Pranayama regularly is revealed by the following factors:

  1. Pranayama helps to stabilize blood pressures and restricts heart diseases.
  2. It helps to keep our digestive system well and restricts constipation or digestive problems.
  3. It prevents rapid ageing.
  4. It prevents some irritating health problems to occur such as the phlegm, mucus and tonsillitis problems.
  5. Doing it regularly will make your gums and teeth healthy.
  6. It keeps the circulation of oxygen consistent, helps in regulating weight by reducing fat.
  7. Pranayam brings peace of mind and hence boosts the intelligence power.
  8. It keeps stress, anxiety, and tension away from us and prevents depression, dullness and lethargy to occur.
  9. With the help of Pranayama Yoga, our body is filled with energy and refreshment.
  10. Pranayama helps in expansion of lungs thus enhance its effectiveness and makes it strong.
  11. It brings spiritual happiness and increases concentration power by stabilizing mind, nerves, and body.

Pranayama is most operative and helpful activities in Yoga. With all its above-mentioned benefits, you can easily keep yourself healthy and free from any reluctant disease. In order to make yourself a calm, composed and concentrated person in life, you must do Yoga once or twice in a day.