5 yoga poses you can do with your partner

Partner yoga poses

Thinking to give a second chance to your marriage or going through a rough phase in friendship, why do not try partner yoga. Partner yoga is a form of yoga which can be done with any partner be it your friend or family member. It is also known as couples yoga. This form can be considered as the modern day improvisation from the regular yoga class which might turn boring at some point in time. It can be great fun if done in a right way and works as a helping aid to each other. Partner yoga poses are the absolute way to reconnect the bond between your partners and feel the spark between you both.

Let us see the best couple yoga poses

Partner yoga poses

  1. Naukasana

This is also known as boat pose

Sit opposite each other with your knees bent and toes touching each other. Touch your partner’s wrists and hold them. Lift your feet and get your knees closer to your chest. Taking support from your hold of your partner’s wrist, move your chest up and straighten your back. Then, gently and slowly, lift your legs up. Stay in the pose for a few breaths.

  1. Hastapadasana

This is also known as standing forward bend

Start with standing straight with feet joined together and arms alongside your partner to align with one another. Balance your weight equally on both feet. Now breathing in slowly and extend your arms over your head. Breathing out and bend forward and bend down towards the feet. Try keeping the legs and spines erect as much as possible; hands should rest on either side on the floor and sides of your partner.

  1. Tadasana

This asana is also known as fountain pose.

it is a common standing yoga posture, start by standing straight with your partner with feet together and back in a straight position aligned with your partner back. raise the arms and inhale with standing on your toes hold for sometimes then come back while exhaling slowly.

  1. Setu Bandhan asana

This is known as bridge pose

Lie flat on the back and Bend your knees to place the feet on the ground making hips apart. Arms should rest along the body, with palms facing downwards. Inhale, and try to lift your back off the floor. Chin should touch the chest without moving.  Shoulders, feet, and arms support your weight. Buttocks should be firm and try to tighten them.

  1. Vrikshasana

Also known as tree poses

Stand next to each other. Try maintaining a distance of a few feet from each other. Bring your palms together. Shift weight onto your right foot and lift your left foot and place its sole at the root of your right thigh. Your partner should do the Hold the pose for a few breaths.

Try out these yoga poses for a couple for better health and relationship both. These yoga poses for couples will help you to flourish.