Morning yoga poses to give you an energetic start

Morning shows the day. If the morning goes well, the person feels confident about the entire day. Hence, it is essential to give a fresh start to the morning. And, there is no better way than yoga to uplift the body and mind initially. On this context, given below is a nice morning yoga routine that one must follow for the most energetic start.

Morning yoga poses to give you an energtic start

Start with Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati:

There is no better way to get the body rejuvenated than these two breathing techniques. These tow yoga forms energize the body through supply of fresh oxygen. It keeps the blood flow rate in to the body perfect, and regulates the body temperature well. Both these can be termed as the perfect choice of yoga for energy absorption.


It’s time to make the joints free and do a session for shedding the extra kilos. There is no effective way than dwichakrikasana for the same. Its must recommended yoga for good health and flat tummy in contemporary times. All that you need is to sleep on the ground, make both the legs lift jointly and whirl in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction up to several rounds. Make sure you make complete circles in the air for utmost benefit. After making clock-wise and anti-clockwise rotations, you can paddle from the same state as well, to cut the lower belly fats.


Now its turn to make the upper body flexible a bit and padaangusthasana is the best recommendation for the same. It’s simple; the person has to simply bend down keeping the legs straight and joined. Try to hold the toes and make the nose touch the knee.

Surya Namashkar:

Next comes is surya namashkar which is the most recommended yoga morning exercise for core strength boosting. The stretches that the pose comprises are all meant to strengthen the muscles, bones and tendons. It includes the simple yoga steps for daily exercise; those can be tried individually as well. Starting from calorie burning to improving the core strength, yoga namashkar is terrific for all purpose.


Sarvangasana is a must recommendation in quick yoga morning routine. As per its name, the pose strengthens each part of the body, making the blood flow perfect. It improves flexibility, core strength, at the same time cutting the extra fats. In concurrence, this is considered one of the finest poses for height increase as well.