5 eye yoga practices to improve vision

Life is nothing without the eyes. The most essential and hardworking organ is however the most sensitive. Hence, it is important for humans to take needful actions for the proper care of their pair of eyes. In fact, it is more important for contemporary youth those who have to spend a significant number of hours in front of the computers. Good to know is that yoga can be a very good way to take proper care of eyes in an effortless fashion. Given below are some of the best yoga practices for eyes that you must try for an improved vision.

5 eye yoga practices to improve vision


Bharmri is one of the finest yoga exercises for eyes. It is equally known for its good effect on improving the concentration power as well. Only five to ten minutes of bhramri can relax your eye cells significantly, rejuvenating it in the best fashion.  To start the pose, you simply need to sit in the same fashion as you do for kapalbhati, i.e. sitting normally with folded legs, and then you have to close the yes through three of your fingers with one of the fingers closing the ear. Now make sound, like ‘umm’ inside for few minutes. After finishing this, you should rub the palms and apply gently on the closed eyes. No doubt, this is a simple eye exercise to improve vision.


There are many proven examples of how anulom-vilom has helped people in getting improved vision. This is must recommended yoga for healthy eyes. To do anulom vilom, first sit normally (or padmasana if copmfortable) on the ground, keeping one hand in mudra. Close the eyes, and close one of the nostrils through your thumb taking slow breath through the other. Now close other nostril and exhale through the one you initially inhaled. Moreover, have entire focus on your breath observing its movement within the body, shifting the mind from any other object or thing.

Palm rubbing:

This is also a nice yoga for eyes vision improvement. You simply have to sit normally as you do, closing the eyes. Now rub both the palms so that it gets warm. Now apply the warmth on your closed eyes and feel it.

To-and-fro viewing:

This is also a nice exercise that you can try without visiting yoga center in Rishikesh. In fact, this can be tried in between the works. This is especially an effective exercise for those who have to spend huge hours in front of the computers. You can simply shift your vision to either sides sitting at any position. However, one can specifically sit in padmasana or crossed leg pose for a better result.

Shifting vision to the nose tip:

This is also one of the vision yoga exercises that need no special training; neither have you to join yoga ttc in Rishikesh. All you need is to shift your vision to the nose tip or drag the entire concentration over there. At the same time, you may start gazing objects at distance and at closer to you as well.