Best yoga poses to keep diabetes under control

Diabetes is the biggest health threat among contemporary humans. Disordered lifestyle, irregularities in diet, sleep, stress, etc, are the various reasons that diabetes is spreading like an epidemic. Though therapeutic ways are available for the disease, still, prevention has turned out to be the best solution for this. And, there can’t be any better way than the yoga to prevent diabetes or to keep it under control. Given below are some of the yoga poses to control diabetes.

best yoga poses to keep diabeties under control

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam:

If your diabetes level has gone higher, anulom-vilom becomes a nice recommendation to go with. If you are not suffering, practicing it can prevent you from being a victim of the disease. To start with anulom-vilom, first you have to inhale gently through one of the nostrils and having the thumb on the other. Now remove the thumb and close the other nostril through which you initially inhaled. Take full breathe and in a gentle way. Keep up the process for ten to fifteen minutes for a better result. It is advised to learn the pranayam initially at a renowned yoga center in Rishikesh for a fine-tuned technique.


Kapalbhati is another nice recommendation to be practiced regularly for avoiding diabetes. It is also a fine way to keep blood pressure and cholesterole level under control. All that you need is to give inward thrust to your belly by exhaling with a force. This is a popular yoga therapy for diabetes control.


Dwichakrikasana is a fantastic way to control diabetes. It has been one of the most effective yoga exercises for diabetes control that keeps the weight in check as well. To start the pose, simply lie down on a flat surface and lift both the legs from the waist. Keeping the legs straight and together, twirl in the air making full circles.


Ustrasana is a very good yoga posture for diabetes control. This can be tried at home as well without much of the difficulty. You can start it from vajrasana pose and then getting straight upon making the spine straight. Now take both the hands holding the heels. The face should remain upward. You can breathe gently while being in the pose.


Sarvangasana is must recommended yoga for sugar patient. In fact, it is a perfect pose that takes care of each part of the body. To start with, sleep straight on the floor, and then lift both the legs jointly from the waist. Lift the legs keeping it straight and perpendicular to the ground with support of both the hands on waist. Vision should be on the toe.


Halasana can be an effective yoga for diabetes control. To start Halasana, first sleep on a flat ground, and then lift both the legs keeping it straight. Now bend those back towards the head, and try to make the toe touches the ground.


Uttanasana is also one of the finest yoga poses for diabetes control. You simply have to stand straight and then bend forward keeping the legs straight and hold the heels. Try to make the nose touch the knee.

It is advised to try these poses at a renowned yoga school in Rishikesh for the best outcome.