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Is yoga religion or science?

yoga in Rishikesh

What is Yoga? Yoga is a practice that includes the mind, body, and soul. It evolved back in the Vedic age. Some people practice Yoga as a religion now. But the fact is that Yoga is not a religion but is a practice that many people across the globe adopt to get peace and maintain […]

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Yin Yoga: Every Athlete should adopt a yoga practice

Yin Yoga - Every Athlete Should Adopt a yoga practice

Getting technically skilled is not enough for an athlete. One needs to be fit enough for an enduring and injury-free career. On the other hand, the chances of injury always remain at the peak for an athlete. An athlete can meet injury during the game or strain due to physical stress. Hence, athletes are advised […]

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Learn yoga poses to release emotions like anger and sadness

Learn Yoga Poses to Release Emotions Like Anger and Sadness

The emotional imbalance is a problem with many. A victim of such issues simply keeps on repeating mistakes, despite knowing everything. It can ruin someone’s effort even being on the brink of success. The issues of emotional imbalance leading to anger and sadness gradually lead to further larger issues like blood pressure, cardiac arrest, hypertension, […]

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Best amazing life lessons you can learn from a Rishikesh Detox Retreat

Amazing Life Lessons To Learn From a detox retreat

Rishikesh Detox Retreat can be the experience of life. Be it about witnessing the beautiful tinge of sunrise or the experience of harmonious yoga and meditation program, each moment here can make someone poetic. It’s an altogether different feel here, being perfectly away from the orthodox materialistic way of living life. You can’t feel negative […]

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Best yoga poses for removing extreme laziness

Best Yoga Poses for Removing Extreme Laziness

Modern day lifestyle is moving in an absolutely reverse order. People these days are ready to put up with a lot stress in the mind, but not with the body. Consequence is evident; they are getting lazy. Laziness is not cool; it leads to various health disasters, starting from obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, […]

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Best reasons why yoga teacher training is the best things

Best Reasnons Why Yoga Teacher Training is The Best Things

The term yoga means the agglutination of the consciousness or spirit of an individual with the universal spirit. The yoga is the 5000-year-old practice where one not only learns about the physical exercises like the twisting of the legs, hands, breathing process and stretching but it also helps to unite the mind and the soul. […]

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Yoga poses for Sinus Treatment and Sinusitis Relief

Yoga Poses for Sinus Treatment and Sinusitis Relief

Nowadays due to pollution and bad eating habits, the sinusitis problem is increasing alarmingly. The symptoms involved are the jammed and runny nose, watery eyes, throbbing headache and a swollen throat. If not cured properly, then sinusitis tends to become severe making you feel drowsy, congested and will affect your regular activities. Taking antibiotics with […]

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Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fight Depression and Anxiety

Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fight Depression and anxiety

Stress, anxiety, fear, and depression! Possibly there are very few persons on this land who are far away than these emotions and experiences. Modern humans are quite packed with different activities on a regular basis. These emotions are quite commonly faced by every person, but if such situation sustains for a longer period or is […]

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Effective and simple Yoga Poses for Constipation Relief

Effective and simple Yoga Poses for Constipation Relief [1]

Constipation is increasing among modern day people and it has every reason for it as well. Interestingly, about half of the population in United States is a victim of piles due to constipation. Long hours of sitting, lack of physical activity, insufficient rest, obesity, irregular diet timing, too much consumption of junk foods, etc are […]

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