Best yoga poses for thyroid problems

Number of thyroid patients has grown in a noteworthy fashion in recent past. According to the reports, more than twenty million people in the United Sates are suffering from these issues.  Person suffering from thyroid disorder lacks passion in life, suffers from unusual weight gain, hair fall, disordered menstrual cycle, etc. However, yoga has been one of the most effective ways to stay away of thyroid issues. To be specific, given below are some of the best yoga poses one may try for a better cure of thyroid.

Best yoga poses for thyroid problems


Halasana is one of the best yoga for thyroid. Though the pose is known for flexibility boosting and strengthening the shoulder and spine, it can be equally effective towards keeping the thyroid level in check. To start with the pose, first sleep on a flat surface keeping the legs straight and facing up. Now lift both the legs in joint from the waist. You may take the help of hand support on hips as well while lifting. Make the legs straight first in the air and then take it towards the head, trying to make the tow touches the ground.


Matsyasana is a well-known thyroid exercise in yoga. It is equally excellent in terms of boosting the flexibility level of the body. The pose can be started from padmasana state. So, from padmasana, try to make the body down back towards the earth, while holding the toes. Make sure the head touches the ground.


Marjarasana is an equally effective yoga for thyroid problem as of the above two. You can start it from vajrasana pose as well. Lift the upper body from vajrasana pose with upper body resting on the knee. Now make the upper body down from this state, so that the palms press the ground. Make the face down with chin resting on the chest. The vision should be down towards thigh. This is indeed the easiest yoga asana for thyroid.

Viparita Karani:

Viparita Karani is a bit tricky, but indeed pretty effective. To start with, first sleep on a flat floor or surface, keeping the legs straight. Now put your palms below the waist and lift the body from the hip in the air with support of elbow and the arm on the ground. The legs should be joined with each other, straight, making less than 90 degree with the ground. This is a must try yoga for thyroid treatment. However, as it is a bit tricky in nature, it would be a better recommendation to practice with presence of someone an expert. Best idea would be to join classes for yoga training in Rishikesh.

Janu Sirsasana:

Janu Sirsasana is one of the finest thyroid yoga exercises as of the above mentioned ones. The pose is one of the most popular stretching exercises. Here you have to sit on the ground keeping the legs straight. Now fold one of the legs from the knee, with feet resting on the thighs. Bend the body forward, trying to hold the toe. You may make the elbow touch the ground or can keep it straight. Indeed, this is a fine thyroid treatment by yoga.