Yoga asana to Help for Digestion While Traveling

Best Yoga Asana to Help Digestion While Traveling

Even people with strongest mind find it difficult to concentrate when the digestion is not proper. Digestion is indeed a common problem among many. However, people those travel a lot or those who are involved with marketing professions often have to remain worried about digestion issues. On this context, given below are some of the best yoga asanas to improve digestion even while traveling.Best Yoga Asana to Help Digestion While Traveling

Supta Baddha Konasana:

This is one of the simplest asanas for digestion. All you need is to sleep on a flat surface bending the legs from knees and joining the lower portion of the feet with each other. Keep both the hands spread at either side of the shoulder, keeping it straight, while eyes remaining closed. You may take breathe normally while being at this state. The pose is excellent for digestion as not just it regulates the abdominal organs, but also enhances the blood circulation.


If someone is looking for the ways on how to improve digestive system despite rigorous travelling, vajrasana would be the perfect recommendation to go with. This can be tried at any place, and it is the only pose that one can try even after eating. It’s quite simple to practice. All that you need is to sit on your forelegs, i.e. the portion of your leg from the knees, with the buttock resting on the heels. Keep the back straight, and the hands should be rested on the thighs. Keep the eyes closed and take gradual breathes.


Balasana is quite a known yoga pose for digestion improvement. The pose keeps gastric issues in check, thus taking care of whole range digestion issues. It also looks quite similar as of the Vajrasana, and indeed one of the simplest yoga exercises for good digestion. So, from the vajrasana state, bring your upper body down, making the head touch the ground. Both the hands should be at the either side of the body, adjacent to the legs.

Adhomukha Swanasana:

Adhomukha Swanasana can be a fine yoga for digestion issues, especially for people those who have to travel a lot. To start the pose, stand straight and bend the upper body down while making breathe out. Now with support of the hands, while palms pressing the ground make the legs stay at a distance from the hands. This is one of the most recommended yoga for digestive health improvement in quick time.


The easiest possible yoga for digestive system nourishment would be the shavasana. All you need is to relax a bit. Sleep on a flat surface, while keeping your body, hands, and the legs at the most relaxed state. Take gentle breathe, removing everything from the mind. This simple practice of yoga for good digestion can keep you relaxed, no matter how much you travel.

No doubt yoga and digestive system have strong relationship between them. In fact, yoga for improve digestive system is quite proven. However, it is important to be executed with perfection every time. The best recommendation thus would be to practice after taking proper yoga training in Rishikesh.