Best yoga poses to improve your memory

Best Yoga Poses to Improve Your Memory

Humans are said to be the most advanced living organism on this earth for their improved memory power. In fact, among the humans, some people are blessed with a greater memory power and some others with comparatively lesser. There are various reasons behind the lacking memory power in case of some people. Yoga would be the perfect recommendation for these groups of people. To be specific, the following yoga poses are most recommended for keeping the memory power improved.

Best Yoga Poses to Improve Your Memory


Bhramri pranayam is the best yoga for memory improvement. This is a simple exercise as well. All you need is to sit with folded legs or in padmasana keeping the eyes closed. Now close your ears through the thumbs, while the other four fingers should rest on the eyes. After sitting at this state, make a smooth continuous sound of “mmm.” within the mouth without moving the lips or tongue. This is a very good yoga to increase concentration for the school going kids.


Kapotasana can be a nice recommendation of yoga to improve memory. The pose boosts memory power upon enhancing the blood flow rate to the brain. It can be started from the vajrasana state itself. All it needs is to make the spine straight from the vajrasana state, standing on the knee. Now bend the body back making the head touch the ground, while holding the toes through both the hands. This is one of the trickiest yoga for improving memory in minimum possible time.


Sirsasana is like an all-in-one pose that has good effects on every part of the body. However, if someone asks how to improve memory power and concentration through yoga, Sirsasana becomes an explicit option to go with. It is a bit tricky pose though. To start with, you have to first keep the head top firm on the ground, clutched by both the hands with its fingers twisted among each other. Now with support of the fore arms up to elbow, bend the legs from the knees and lift the leg from the waist. Try to make the leg perpendicular in the air gradually. This is a must try yoga for memory improvement and concentration boosting among youth.


Uttanasana would be another fine answer for the questions like how to increase brain power by yoga. The pose hastens the blood flow rate to the brain in a significant fashion. This is one of the simplest options of yoga for memory power boosting as well. All it needs is to bend the upper body down from the waist holding the heels. Try to make the nose touch the knee. It would be a nice yoga to increase memory powers among the children.


Anulom-Vilom has been one of the frequent answers for the questions like how to increase concentration power. It boosts tranquility level of the mind in a significant fashion, and thus boosting the memory power. If you are looking for a good option of everyday yoga to increase concentration and memory power, Anulom-Vilom is always the best recommendation. All it needs is to sit smoothly in folded leg state, inhale gradually through one of the nostrils, while keeping the other closed and then altering the order.