How can yoga help for cough and cold?

How Can Yoga Help Cough and Cold

Cold and cough are the most frequent and most fundamental disease among the humans. A person frequently suffering from cold and cough is considered less immune. However, these people can lessen the frequency of their cold and cough significantly upon regularly practicing yoga. To be specific, the following yoga poses can be significant in terms of avoiding cough and cold and boosting the immunity level.

How Can Yoga Help Cough and Cold

Setu Bandhasana:

Setu Bandhasana is one of the best ways of cough treatment in yoga, and is equally effective against cold diseases as well. Regular practice of the pose helps the person in boosting his/her immunity level. To start, you can sleep straight on the ground, and then bend the legs from the knee. Now lift the entire body or back with support of shoulder, while both the feet pressing the ground. Both the hands at the either sides should touch the heel portion of the feet.


Hastapadasana is a very good yoga for cold. All that the practitioner has to do is to stand straight, make the upper body down making the palms touch the ground, without bending the knee. Try to make the nose touch the knee. The pose incredibly improves the blood flow to the head while clearing the sinus.


Matsyasana is one of the very effective yoga for cold relief. Here you have to sleep straight on the ground keeping the legs straight. Now with support of or pressing the scalp and forearm (up to elbow) on to the ground, lift the upper body, while placing the buttocks on the fingers. It relieves the practitioner from respiratory issues in a significant way.


Dhanurasana yoga for cough and cold is quite proven. The pose expands the chest and heals the respiratory issues. To start with, first sleep straight facing down. Now breathe out and then lift the legs from the waist bending the knees. Take the hands back and try to hold the toes; at least you should try holding the heels. Face should be up front.

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam:

Anulom-Vilom is the most recommended yoga for cough and cold relief. It makes the person absolutely immune from within, clears the respiratory path, provides fresh oxygen, and rejuvenates the body and mind. All you need is to sit in padmasana or normally with folded legs, close the eyes, and then take breathe gradually inside to the fullest, while closing the other nostril through one of the thumbs. Now take breath in similarly through the other nostril while closing the initial one. This is one of the best yoga for cough relief, especially those who have been suffering since a long back.


Bhujangasana is indeed one of the easiest yoga poses for cough and cold relief. The practitioner first has to sleep straight on the floor keeping the face down. Now he/she has to make a deep exhale and lift the upper body from the waist up with support of palms pressing the ground. Face should be up and the eyes should be closed. This is the best exercise for cold relief recommended for the kids.