Yoga poses for beginners

Yoga being one of the most-spelled terms around the globe, a lot of first-timers is showing interest in being a part of it. And, the first thing that they enquirer being specific is, about the yoga for beginners. It’s a good idea though to start from the basic yoga poses initially, rather than jumping straight in to those tough ones to avoid any kind of injury.

On this context, given below are some of the beginners yoga poses to help the practitioner staying fit and gaining confidence through the course of time.

Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati:

The basic problem with those who don’t usually exercise (be it about yoga or any other workout) is that they don’t have the mental strength or patience to take the first step. Anulom-Vilom and Kapalbhati are the two excellent yoga positions for beginners to start with. It rejuvenates the body through supply of fresh oxygen.

At the same time, both these breathing techniques help in improving concentration, checking the blood pressure level, healing stress, anxiety, etc. Naturally, the person feels motivated to work hard.


If someone asks about yoga exercise for beginners, maximum chances holds that he/she wants to cut the excess fats. On this context, nothing can be a better recommendation than the Dwichakrikasana.

The best part about the pose is that one doesn’t even need to join any beginners’ yoga classes for the same. All that needs is to just lie down on the ground, lift both the legs jointly, and make circles in the air. You can paddle as well.

Surya Namashkar:

Surya Namashkar is like a complete package for the beginners showing interests in yoga. Be it about stretching or improving the core strength, the surya namashkar poses has every answer. Moreover, it is known for its incredible muscle recovery ability, which doesn’t make the muscles get stressed or pain, as it happens normally with beginners while practicing the other workouts. Anyway, it’s recommended to join a nice yoga class for beginners to learn the techniques well. However, the most important point to make sure is that the institution is certified, and the trainer has pursued proper yoga ttc in Rishikesh.


Prior trying the tough poses, it is always recommended for the practitioner to improve the flexibility level.

Hence, if you are a beginner having passion to take your hilt over the yoga to the next level, Ustrasana is a must recommendation. This is a fantastic yoga pose to improve flexibility. At the same time, it addresses the back-pain issues quite effectively as well.


Here comes another simple yet effective yoga poses for the beginners to improve the flexibility. If you are in to yoga for weight loss, Dhanurasana can be a fantastic recommendation that one must try.

The pose is quite simple; all that you have to do is to sleep inverted, lift the legs and hold the toes keeping the face up front. Except people suffering from excessive spinal pain or any similar issue, everyone else can try this for weight loss, strengthening thigh, abdomen, chest, etc.