Is yoga actually good for your back pain?

A great number of people are currently following the yoga for getting back their dream weight. No doubt these people are highest in number among all yoga followers. Other than weight loss, back pain is the reason that drags an equivalently large mass towards yoga. Yoga for back pain is very effective, and is commonly advised. Given below are some of the excellent yoga poses you can try for treating the back pain issues effectively.


Practicing Ustrasana can make you avoid back pain issues with perfection. This is a well known yoga for lower back pain issues, which is common among the contemporary professionals those have to spend huge hours on chairs or in front of the computers. This is one of the simplest yoga forms as well that can be tried by anyone. You can start it from vajrasana or from the common childhood knee-down position. From vajrasana, make your back straight and bend back trying to hold both the heels. The face has to be up, and you can breathe normally. This is a nice yoga as well that broadens the chest.


This is another simple yet effective yoga poses for back pain relief. Marjara means cat, hence the pose is also known as the cat pose. All that you need is to first make an animal pose with knees and hands supporting the ground. Keep the face up initially, and you can keep it down later.


Balasana is also known as Child’s pose, and considered one of the most effective yoga exercises for back pain. The pose can be started from vajrasana as well. After staying in vajrasana pose for a minute or two, bend down your upper body, with head touching the ground and the chest resting on the thighs. Keep both the hands straight and fold the palms.


Bhujangasana is one of the most practiced yoga poses for back pain relief. The pose doesn’t just heal the back pain issues, but also make the spinal portion of the body stringer than ever. It’s also a simple pose that can be tried by anyone at home. To start the pose, first sleep inverted or facing towards the ground, and then try to lift up the upper body from waist with support of palms on the ground by the side of chest. The face now should be up. This is considered one of the simplest asana for back pain relief in quickest span of time.

Adho Mukha Swanasana:

This is another best yoga poses for back pain relief. The simplest way to execute the pose is from standing position. Bend down the upper body from your standing position keeping the hands straight. Now stretch the hands and the upper body in forward direction, and rest the hands on ground with making perpendicular angle with the lower body. It means both the hands should be at the either sides of the ears. The vision should be on the ground. You can learn it through any renowned school for yoga in Rishikesh.