How Yoga Can Help People at Risk for Heart attack

Threats of cardiac arrest remain there for every individual in modern times, those who don’t workout regularly or are habituated with unhealthy diet. High blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, etc, are some of the prominent reasons behind cardiac arrests. Indeed, medicinal cost of these diseases is quite expensive in contemporary times.

Yoga is a must recommendation for modern day people to avoid threats of heart attack. It is the safest, most-effective, and natural way of treating heart attack issues. Given below is some of the most effective yoga for heart patients.

How Yoga Can Help People for Heartattack [1]


Padangusthasana is a fine yoga to treat cardiac issues effectively. The pose can be practiced without taking help of an expert. To start the pose, first stand straight and make the upper body down, while breathing out. Keep the legs straight without bending the knee, and try to hold the toes of both the legs. It is always a good recommendation to avoid heart attack threats. At the same time, it is also considered one of the best yoga poses for heart patients or those who are already suffering from the issue. In concurrence, the pose incredibly strengthens the thigh portions. Those suffering from anxiety and stress issues can also find it effective.


Anulom-Vilom has been the most promising yoga for heart attack. This is obvious as the pose is known for its effectiveness towards high-blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, anxiety, etc. Anulom-Vilom provides fresh oxygen to the body cells and keeps it rejuvenated.

To start the process, sit relaxed in padmasana pose or normally with folded legs. Now keep the thumb of one hand at one of the nostrils and inhale through the others gradually. Take breathe completely and slowly. Keep the entire focus on the air you take in or out. Repeat the process for the other nostril, and repeat the cycle for five to ten minutes at minimum. Anulom-Vilom is the most popular heart exercise yoga recommended by the modern science.


Vriskshasana has many benefits, though cardiac benefits are considered the best. Therapists recommend this as the most effective yoga exercises for heart patients. The pose also broadens shoulders and stabilizes the blood flow to heart.

To start with the pose, first stand straight and bend one of the legs, so that the feet rests on the knee of the other leg. This helps the body remaining in equilibrium. Now take both the hands up, and fold both the hands, like “Namaste” pose. As the pose is a bit tricky to execute, the best recommendation would be to join yoga classes in Rishikesh to learn with perfection.


Trikonasana is another fine yoga exercise recommended for a good heart or to avoid cardiac arrests. Getting started with trikonasana, first stand straight and make a complete exhale. Now widen both the legs and bend to one side, making the hands touch the feet of the same side. Hand of the other leg should remain up in the air, and the vision should be on the finger tip of the hand.