6 yoga poses to help you cervical spine and neck issues

Cervical spine and neck issues are growing these days among the contemporary human beings, especially those who have to spend long hours in front of the computers or those who are associated with the desk jobs. Well, good news is that yoga for cervical spondylosis has turned out to be extremely effective. Given below are some of the incredible yoga exercises for cervical spine and neck issues.

6 yoga poses to help you cervical spine and neck issues


Bitilasana is one of the simplest cervical pain exercises that one can try at home even without any need of expert. You can start from vajrasana or simply by getting knees down with the hands supporting the ground. Take breathe and look forward.


Marharasana is another fine yoga for upper back and neck pain. This one can also be practiced at home. Moreover, it’s a complementing pose to Bitilasana. The pose is quite equivalent to that of Bitilasana as well. You have to come in to the same state as of Bitilasana, however, here you have to keep your face down with the chin facing towards the chest, post exhaling.


Balasana is another fantastic yoga for neck and cervical issues. The pose doesn’t just temporarily heal the pain, but also offers lasting accomplishment and comfort. It’s quite a simple pose to practice as well. You can start this from the vajrasana pose and then bending forward keeping your chest on the thighs and the hands extending in forward direction. You may take normal breathe while practicing this.

Ardha Matsyendrasana:

It’s basically a twisted position that flexes the back and spinal region giving the person a soothing feel.  To start, sit on the ground with legs stretched forward. Now bend one leg from the knee so that the foot remains across the other stretched leg. Now the hand of same side of which the leg is stretched should be twisted around the knee portion of the other leg. The practitioner has to face at the other side of the stretched leg, with the other hand supported over the ground. As it is a little tricky in comparison, hence the practitioner is recommended to join yoga training in Rishikesh to bring perfection in execution.


Viparitakarani is another suitable yoga pose that one can try to address the issues around spine and neck region. This is also one of the simplest yoga poses that can be tried at home. To start the pose, first sleep on the ground and at a position where there is a wall up front. Now keeping the body rested on the ground, lift both the legs from the hips with support of the wall. Bothe the hands should be stretched at the either sides.


Though this pose looks simple from the outside, but is quite tricky in nature. Hence, the beginners should join yoga ttc in Rishikesh to bring perfection. This pose is all about sleeping on a flat surface, and moreover, letting the body stay at fully relaxed state. Most importantly, you have to focus on your inhale and exhale process. It’s like a meditation that keeps check blood pressure, oxygen flow, etc of the body.