5 Easy Morning Yoga Asanas for Beginners at Home

We all wake up in the morning to start the new day. Some people who are fitness conscious, wake up early as they have to go for morning walk, go to gym and/or go to a yoga school or a yoga studio to practice yoga. Usually most of the people go for an hour long walk+ exercise, muscle building & weight training at gym and various yoga poses in a yoga studio. But there are many people who don’t have an hour’s time to give to maintain their fitness and healthy lifestyle. Such people can give only 10 to 15 minutes for such daily fitness regime. Practicing a handful of basic yoga poses is best choice for them. Following are a few yoga asanas for beginners:-

  1. Downward Dog Pose

This pose is one of the most practiced morning yoga poses. In Downward Dog Pose, place your palms a little wider than your shoulders, lift up your hips and tuck under your toes with chest moving backward towards thighs. Keep your arms straight and head relaxed. Distance your shoulders from your ears with bent knees.

5 Easy Morning Yoga Asanas

  1. Cat/Cow Pose

This is another one of the simple yoga asanas (poses) that are practiced as part of early morning yoga stretches. Get in a tabletop pose with wrists just under your shoulders and knees under your butts. Ensure that your shoulder edges are broad by pressing your palms on the floor. Now inhale and look forward or up with a comfortable neck. Breathe out as your tailbone reaches towards the floor while your chin is tucked to your chest.

  1. Standing Forward bend Pose

Standing Forward bend pose comes under yoga for beginners and is considered as one of the easy yoga positions. Do this by moving your feet towards your hands, allowing your body to hang. Start bending your knees a little with your head and neck relaxed. Start straightening your legs if you don’t feel any pressure in your lower back. Feel the stretch through your spine as you breathe in. Now breathe out as you move your head in the direction of your feet. Make this pose part of your morning yoga routine for weight loss.

  1. Low Lunge Pose

Low Lunge pose is one of the best yoga poses for beginners. Begin with a downward dog pose. Turn your right knee in line with your nose and place your right foot in the middle of your hands. Place your fingers on the block you’re your hands on either side of the front foot. Your neck should be stretched and in one line with your spine. Breathe at least.

3 times and then repeat the pose on the left side.

  1. Triangle Pose

This pose should definitely be part of morning yoga routine for beginners. Widen your legs at a hand’s distance in a standing pose and turn your right foot to the side. Your heel should be aligned to the mid-part of your left foot. With your arms parallel to the ground, reach for the right side with both legs straight. When you have reached the limit, spin your arms in one line but in opposite direction. Maintain a gaze to your top thumb.