4 common mistake weakening your workout

yoga for pain relief

Whether you are a beginner or a trained profession, trying yoga for weight loss or doing yoga for pain relief few yoga mistakes can completely ruin your workout. All these mistakes make your session less effective and more painful. Remember yoga is adaptable and can be modified according to your requirements if you are in a learning or practice process. We all know that when we become used to doing this asana and attaining a level of comfortability still these mistakes if done can turn out to be dangerous. Listing general yoga mistakes which can be easily avoided

yoga for pain relief

  1. Wrong breathing pattern

Breathing is an essential component of yoga, without the right breathing pattern along with the movements you can’t attain the desired result and it will completely ruin your workout. Remeber the pattern you have to do of inspiration and expiration with each contraction and expansion movement of the muscle and if you find any difficulty don’t hesitate to check with your trainer for the right one. Right breathing pattern will pour your cell with oxygen and flush out the antioxidant where sarong breathing pattern no matter how long it is done is not beneficial.

  1. 2. Pushing for what trainer has asked to do

As always been told to you do as teachers say we all grow up with this phase but hold for a second what if a teacher asks you to do something which impossible for you, you have to deny few things and explain to him your concern same goes with yoga sessions. If something is beyond your physical limit share it with your instructor. Try telling him your past history of injuries illnesses or muscle joint stiffness so that he can accommodate your exercises accordingly.

  1. Comparing you with others.

We all are different, as likely said no 2 fingers are similar so comparing yourself with others is not a good deal. So if you are not able to do that pose in the manner your yoga partner is doing it take a breath and relax you will gain perfection with time. Do yoga workout with ease of enjoyment and no comparison with others. Everyone requires there on time to master things which are dependent on several factors.

  1. Going too fast

Yoga is different from your regular cardio exercises like the one does in gyms be it treadmill or cross trainer were you require pushing out your energy and doing things very rapidly. The same concept does not go with yoga, yoga is forms of exercise where you are required to ease it out little do things with the flow in a cyclic manner without a hurry to attain any speed.

Remember yoga is for good health but not pushing yourself out. Try avoiding a few mistakes and you are ready to experience the change in yourself soon. It is good to test your limit but it is better to not do it all at once if you want to experience the true art of yoga.