Yoga Poses to Prepare You for Wheel Pose

how to do wheel yoga pose

Understanding yoga wheel pose urdhava dhanurasana or chakra-asana)

It is an advanced form of pose that requires a lot of energy and practice. It involves efforts from whole body and determination from mind against the gravitational force to bend like an arch or form a wheel.

It uses the muscle like biceps triceps glutes quadriceps back. Back bending asana like wheel pose can tackle down the effect of the neck pain occur due to a continuous computer or cell phones use referred to as tech neck syndrome.

Yoga poses to practice before preparing for wheel pose

Before directly lending into this intricate pose we should follow certain other poses that help us in achieving how to do wheel yoga pose. a dicer push without practice can predispose us to the muscular injury that is very stressful and can break our confidence.

how to do wheel yoga pose

1. Upward facing dog pose (Urdhava Mukha svanasana)

This pose tone muscle of arms expands the chest and makes your body familiar to backbend like wheel pose

Lie on the abdomen with extended legs and hands on the side of the chest lying on the ground over the mat. Press the belly button on the floor and stretch the upper part of the chest upward away from the ground. stretch the arm. Raise the top of the legs from the ground slightly. your hand’s shoulder should be drawn backwards and lie on the same plane.

  1. Bow pose (dhanurasana)

This yoga pose is considered as the counterpart of wheel pose, can stretch and tone core abdominal muscle.

Lie on the abdomen with your legs extended, fingers should point downwards towards the legs and legs drawn extended. start bending the knee by holding hand and starching body upward with lying abdomen on the ground pressing for the stability. Try bringing knee and heels as close as possible.

  1. Locust pose (salabhasana)

This pose is essential for stabilizing the muscle of the spine.

Lie on the ground, rest the hands on the sides palm facing downward, touch the forehead on the ground, with legs in contact with each another .all body should lie in the same plane. inhale deeply now start lifting arms head chest up and away from the floor while exhaling.

  1. Bridge pose (bhujanngasana)

This one is similar to heel pose. this strengthens the muscle of legs essential for wheel pose.

Lie on the floor with back on the floor, bring legs and feet close to each other and should be in alignment with the hip. Try placing your arms toward the heels. Press the palms and feet on the floor mat and raise the lower body upward.

Try out these poses and if you feel confident enough be ready to give wheel try. Do not forget to do practice daily and warm up little before jumping into any pose. This will relax your stiff muscles giving it more space to move around to have a flexible and relaxed session.