Yoga poses for non-flexible people

Yoga poses for non-flexible people

We come across many people a day to day that has the notion that yoga practices are only for flexible people .many people think that they can’t do yoga because of they a stiff or not flexible enough. Yoga is a practice that makes a person more flexible and increases the range of makes you stretch those muscle, so all the non-stretchable people should be encouraged to do yoga.try the following asana can be helpful for non flexible people to increase flexibility.

Stiffness is the main problem that is faced by the people nowadays with the difficult schedule and working hours. The body turns stiff and muscles started to create a knot that becomes painful to come over. This will make you realize that it is time to do something about it as you won’t be able to work long hours. However, when things go south simply hold on to yoga for help. It will give a clear vision to do it right this time.

Yoga poses for non-flexible people

  1. Tadasana (mountain pose)

This asana is also known as fountain pose done by standing straight with feet together and back in straight position. raise your arms while inhaling and stand on your toes hold for sometimes come back while exhaling. This asana is well known to increase height by the stretching action of the muscle and deep breathing pattern again increases the blood all to the cell which helps them in getting the nutrients and hence improves your growth and height.

  1. Vrikshasana (tree pose)

This is also known as tree pose. Done by folding the legs and placing them over the thighs were the entire weight is on the second legs moving the joint hands upward and balancing. Hold for few seconds while breathing gently. Repeat with another leg.

  1. Bhujanasana (bridge pose)

Also known as cobra pose done by lying on abdomen on the ground now lift the upper part of the body from the floor hold for 30 seconds come back while exhaling. Repeat this asana works on your abs and back.

  1. Bow pose (dhanurasana)

Lie on the abdomen with your legs extended, fingers should point downwards towards the legs and legs drawn extended. start bending the knee by holding hand and starching body upward with lying abdomen on the ground pressing for the stability. Try bringing knee and heels as close as possible.

These are the best yoga for flexibility which you try to increase the flexibility. There are many people that thought that yoga is easy and a piece of cake but when you start to give it your time then you realize that it is not at all easy. However, it is not tough either. All you need is determination and zeal to prove yourself if you want to make a mark in the world of yoga. Things might seem tough but the fact is that it is not at all. Just keep going and you will see how stiffness will go far away from your life.