Have you ever see yourself starting with a favorite yoga practice by jumping directly into your yoga pose? Sometimes we are so excited to get in asana practice that in the process, we eventually skip the practice of sun salutation.

Doing yoga practice often lead to many injuries but people say it’s just a normal thing but this is due to inadequate warm-up before getting into a yoga pose. Due to demanding of pose people suffer from stretching pain, this is only because of skipping sun salutation. The forward and backward bends lead to inadequate pain in your body. That’s why the traditional yoga classes begin with Surya Namaskar or sun salutation.


There is a various way to measure the right amount of and duration of warm which leads to having sun salutation benefits which include cardio, stretching, and core stretching movements which often increases your blood circulation and body temperature. A warm muscle contracts more forcefully and relaxes faster, which overall increase the function of the muscles. Various sun salutation poses increase blood flows in the spinal cord which helps in good nerve transmission and activates the deeper muscle and tissue.

There are a few reasons you should think twice about skipping your sun salutation:

Giving your body a complete warm-up it is very essential to reduce a risk of injury. Sun salutation can be performed up to 5- 15 minutes depending upon the total length of your yoga practice, and it going to provide complete warm-up of your entire body.  There is another importance of doing warm-ups that you should be perspiring lightly, you’re breathing slightly faster, yet you should not feel exhausted or should not be catching your breath.

 HELP IN INCREASING THE OVERALL FLEXIBILITY it helps in lubricate our joints and decrease muscle tension. Sun salutation increase elasticity of muscle and the connective tissue, this decrease the further risk of injury. The overall strength and flexibility of the spine increased with regular practice of sun salutation.

INCREASE BODY-BREATH COORDINATION in a traditional practice the movements are coordinated with the breath, each moment lasts with a full breath which maintains the coordination. During the challenging poses, we tend to hold the breath so for coordinating in such challenging moves sun salutation helps in body-breath coordination. This leads to maintain your proper breathing pattern throughout the yoga practice. So one breath to one motion flow for optimal safety should maintain till the practice.

PREPARE AND FOCUS YOUR MIND concentration and focus and the two things which makes you the most dedicated person throughout your life. This is your major requirement for every task, your mind should stay tuned and prepared for upcoming asana practice. Sun salutation create awareness which is very much essential for a fruitful yoga.

INCREASE ENDURANCE OF ALL THE MUSCLE the overall endurance is increase when the temperature of the blood traveling through these muscles also increases. The increased temperature leads to having more availability of oxygen to the muscle throughout the practice.

These compelling reasons lead to do sun salutation for good health as it built physical strength and endurance, sun salutation has been practiced for thousands of year to celebrate the life-giving energy of the sun and to acknowledge the same energy within yourself which makes you physically fit and gives you core strength.