Yoga Chant to Know: Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is a Hindu Vedic hymn which is regarded as the holiest verse of the Vedas, the oldest sacred Sanskrit texts of Hinduism. The Mantra is addressed to Goddess Gayatri Devi, who is considered as the Goddess of all Vedas. This mantra can be recited by any human being, irrespective of the religion, caste or creed. Gayatri Mantra chanting is considered as an earnest and heartfelt appeal to the Almighty God.

gayatri mantra

The Gayatri Mantra reads as:

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

However, during meditation, the mantra is chanted with an additional line which is added in the beginning. Thus, the complete mantra which is used in Gayatri Mantra meditation is:

Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

Meaning of the Gayatri Mantra

The meaning of this mantra is “may the Almighty God illuminate our intellect to lead us along the righteous path.” The practitioners of Gayatri Mantra understand Gayatri meaning well as they feel purified and also start living a life of purity and awakening. The power of Gayatri Mantra helps a person get closer to the almighty and also makes him/her aware of the rules of the universal law.

It is a divine awakening of the individual mind and the individual soul. Many people feel that the complete understanding of the essence of the Gayatri Mantra can be one of the most powerful ways to reach out to God. The unbounded wealth contained within the four directions of the Gayatri Mantra is:

  • The first direction is said to be equal to the wealth contained in the three worlds put together.
  • The second direction is said to be equal to the wealth contained in the three main ancient scriptures.
  • If one were to receive a gift extending as far as there are living beings, then that would equal to the third direction.
  • The fourth direction is based on the glory of the sun, whose power and wealth remains unequal.

You must approach the practice of chanting this mantra with humility, reverence, faith, and love towards the mantra as only then will you experience the power and potency of the Gayatri Mantra.

The significance of the Gayatri Mantra

Vedas are considered as the truth as well as a real source of knowledge. Ancient Rishis or Sages have arranged the mantra in such a way that reciting this mantra can positively affect all the energy chakras (centers) in the human body. Here are some of the benefits of Gayatri Mantra:

  • Early morning recitation of the Gayatri mantra with eyes closed, will remove obstacles which stop you from progressing. Moreover, reciting the mantra will also help you in building good relationships.
  • Unhappy professionals, who put in a lot of effort but do not get the desired results, will see improvement in the results, and the deserving will get their due. Recitation of this mantra will pave the way for good tidings and a good job or promotion as per one’s desire.
  • People chanting the Gayatri mantra will start glowing, they are always prepared for the mysteries of life, look forward to life with enthusiasm. The other benefit of this is the magnetism one gets.
  • The practice of reciting this mantra daily makes a person believe in himself and helps in reaching the abode of Gods.
  • Chanting of the mantra helps to illuminate our intellect and further helps in our spiritual growth and development.


How many times should Gayatri Mantra be chanted?

Wondering how you can attain positive Gayatri Mantra effects? Well, it is said that to attain the maximum positive benefits from the mantra, one needs to chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times. However, for those who have a busy schedule can chant the mantra for 3, 9 or 18 repetitions.

You can chant this mantra anytime and anywhere, but try and make it a habit to chant it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and as many times as possible during the day.

Proper pronunciation of the mantra is also essential to correctly invoke the energy chakras of our body. Hence it is advised to listen to the traditional chanting of the mantras by learned gurus before one tries chanting any mantra.