Better Focus and Concentration through Yoga

Better focus and concentration through yoga

There is indeed no better way than yoga to improve concentration power. This is a straightforward reason that yoga is being prioritized in modern day institutions. The best part about improving concentration through yoga is that the person manages to get a better fitness as well. Given below are some of the fantastic yoga poses recommended for those who want to sharpen their concentration skill.

Better focus and concentration through yoga


Bhramri is one of the finest concentration yoga recommended mostly for the children. Here the practitioner has to first sit normally in folded leg state or in padmasana state, closing the eyes. The ear hole has to be closed through the thumbs while the other finger has to be put on the closed eye. Mouth should remain shut, but, the practitioner has to make a gentle murmur sound inside without moving the lips or the tongue. It means the sound produced should feel like the murmur of a honeybee.


Natrajasana is a nice physical yoga concentration exercise. The pose improves body balance through a better concentration. Here the practitioner has to balance the body by tilting forward a bit, while keeping one of the hands parallel to the ground. The other leg has to be bent from the knees, and its foot has to be hold by the palm of the same side.

Meditating in Lotus position:

Meditating in lotus position can be a nice way of yoga for concentration improvement. The pose improves the flexibility as well. Here the practitioner has to sit on the ground, while keeping the feet over the thighs of the other legs. Keep the hands straight and fingers in proper mudra. This is the best yoga for study concentration development.


Mayurasana is a good physical yoga for increasing concentration. Here the practitioner has to keep the entire body parallel to the ground only with support of the palms pressing the ground. The face has to remain downward a bit, while the legs remaining lifted a little.


Savasana is considered the best yoga for memory power boosting. Here the person simply has to sleep at a relaxed state, keeping the eyes closed. Moreover, the person doesn’t have to even put any kind of effort in mind. Initially various thoughts will pop-up. But, practicing more with experts can bring the perfection. Savasana is pretty much like a meditation, primarily for the beginners to boost concentration.


Anulom-Vilom is considered the best concentration exercise for the beginners mostly. 10-15 minutes of it can concentration power of the practitioner to a new high. To start with, first sit in padmasana or normal folded leg state, keeping the back straight. Now inhale through one of the nostrils gradually but completely, keeping the other shut through thumbs or fingers. Next, exhale through the nostril you initially closed, shutting the other nostril through. At this state, again inhale through the opened nostril and repeat the cycle. Keep the entire focus on the inhaled and exhaled air.