Best yoga asanas that are healthy for senior citizens

best yoga asana that are healthy for senior citizens

How Can Senior Citizens Be Able To Restore Their Strength, Flexibility, And Stability By Being Healthy?

Yoga is a kind of refreshment which improvises the quality of life in various ways. It is because the aging is the factor that comes up with a variety of positive as well as negative notions. Aging is a natural process which includes the degenerative activities that are enclosed with many health hazards.

best yoga asana that are healthy for senior citizens

In that context, yoga exercises for seniors will help in reducing the depression, anxiety, risk of conditions of the heart, kidney and all other vital organs. More specifically yoga for seniors helps them to feel good in all circumstances by improvising the sense of well-being.

For that reason, there has been the yoga for senior citizens that make their life quite appreciable and connected. So the yoga for old age contains some specific senior yoga poses by which they can be able to maintain their well-being. There are also some chair yoga exercises for the senior citizens. Below are mentioned some yoga exercise for seniors.

Mountain Pose:

It looks like the pose of the mountain which helps the old aged people in improving their posture.

Butterfly Pose:

It is the pose that provides the look of the stance of a cobbler and the butterfly flapping its wings. It affects in healing the excretory system by stimulating kidney and bladder.

Cobra Pose:

It is backbend pose which basically looks like the cobra is raising its head. The seniors can control their body pain. It results in the enhancement of flexibility. It also helps in stretching the muscles of shoulders, chest and abdominal by strengthening the spine.

Child Pose:

It is the pose which looks like the posture of a child in mother’s womb. It basically helps in facilitating the healthy bodily functions. The deep, steady and calm breathing helps in leading n anxiety free life.

Downward Facing Dog Pose:

It is relatively easier pose for the old aged people which are practiced on an empty stomach. It is like a dog bending downwards and forwards facing. As a result, it provides the increase in the blood flow and makes mind sharper.

Triangle Pose:

It is also known as the trikonasana which is carried out is in a triangle position. This pose is supposed to be carried with a clean bowel system as well as the empty stomach. Its benefit is it makes sure the reduction of blood pressure and also decreases fats from thighs and waist. It also helps in providing stability and balance to the body.

Corpse Pose:

It is one of the relaxing yoga asans carried out in the yoga sessions. It is also called savasana. It makes the body relaxing and stay calm by improvising the concentration. This pose has also the curing effect in cases of weak mental health, diabetes, and constipation. It is considered to be the initiation part of the Ashtanga yoga asana and is done at the end of any yoga session.