Best anti-aging yoga asana to keep you young

Best Anti-aging Yoga Asana to Keep You Young

Modern day humans mind the aging process more than dying. People try various methods to avoid aging. Most of these involve usage of the cosmetics surgeries, or chemical treatments, those later affect the skin quality only simply to worsen things. However, yoga is one of the safest ways to avoid aging process without involving any side-effect. Given below are some of the most recommended yoga poses to keep the practitioner young for lifetime.

Best Anti-aging Yoga Asana to Keep You Young


Anulom-Vilom pranayam is the most effective anti-aging exercises yoga recommends. It rejuvenates the body cells by nourishing those with fresh oxygen. As the pranayam regulates the metabolism with perfection, the entire aging process is brought under control. It’s very simple; one has to first inhale gradually through one of the nostrils, while closing the other through the thumb. Now exhale through the one you closed, and put the finger on the nostril through which you initially inhaled. Next, inhale through the nostril you exhaled, while exhaling through the other. Repeat the cycle for 5-10 minutes consistently to see the difference. No doubt this is the most popular anti-ageing yoga poses tried by millions in the world.


Millions in the world pay credit to kapalbhati for the glowing skin they have got. This is one of the simplest anti ageing yoga asanas that anyone of any age group can try. However, it is important to keep in mind that the pose has to be practiced with empty stomach only. All it needs is to frequently remove the air out by giving inward thrust to the stomach. You can sit in padmasana pose or in common cross legged posture while doing this one of the best anti-aging yoga exercises.


Sarvangasana has good effects for the entire body. It is one of the most effective anti aging yoga poses that keeps the blood flow rate perfect to each of the body part. Especially, increasing the blood flow rate to the brain and face, it enhances the facial skin glow in a magical fashion. To start with, the practitioner has to sleep flat on a symmetric surface keeping the legs straight. Now exhale and gradually lift both the legs jointly with support of hands on the hips, making it perpendicular to the ground. It means the body weight has to be on the shoulder being balanced by the arms. This is the best exercise to look younger and fitter.


If you have the question in mind that, can yoga make you look younger, it is highly recommended to practice Halasana regularly and see the difference. The pose is known as one of the most effective yoga for anti-aging. First of all you have to sleep on a flat surface and with support of hands on the hips lift the legs straight and jointly. Then bend it back, making the toe touch the ground. This yoga keeps you young improving the flexibility of the body. Halasana is also one of the best yoga poses to look younger upon reducing the body fats.