Powerful yoga asana for glowing skin

Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin [2]

Everyone loves to have a beautiful and glowing skin. Though such desires are at peak among contemporary humans, not all are lucky to sport a sparkling skin. They try various chemical or artificial methods which later cause various side reactions and worsen things. Improper digestion, smoking, drug, stress, alcohol, and disordered lifestyle are some of the prominent reasons those affect the skin glow. Regular practice of yoga is no doubt the best option available to treat such issues. Given below are some of the most effective yoga poses for fair complexion someone can practice for a glowing skin.

Powerful Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin [2]


Bhujangasana is the best yoga for glowing skin. The pose improves skin glow upon making it soft and supple. It also rejuvenates the body, mind, and thus reduces the stress level, which indeed is one of the prominent reasons behind skin quality improvement. To start with, first sleep on a flat surface facing downward or on your chest. Now exhale and with support of both the hands, while palms pressing the ground, lift the upper body from navel up while face remaining upward. The eyes should remain closed when the face remains up.


Halasana is a fine exercise for glowing skin. The pose improves skin glow by increasing blood flow ate to the skin. It takes the flexibility level of the practitioner to the next level. For getting started with the pose, first sleep on a flat surface facing up. Now lift both the legs jointly and gradually with help of both the palms on your waist or hips make it perpendicular to the ground surface, and then bend it further, now keeping the palms on the ground, so that the toes touch the ground. This is a tricky face exercise for glowing skin. Hence, if you haven’t got expertise in the pose, it is advised to take help of a trainer and learn proper techniques on how to yoga for glowing skin, especially if you want to learn Halasana.


Sarvangasana has the benefit for all parts of the body. Anyway, it’s a popular exercise for face glow. It is one of the best poses as well for reducing pimples on the skin. To start with, first sleep facing up on a flat surface. Now with support of both the hands on your hips lift both the legs straight up in the air making it perpendicular to the ground. Ultimately, the entire body weight remains on the shoulder and the arms up to the elbow. This is bit tricky face yoga for glowing skin, but with incredible benefit. Sarvangasana is the best yoga for beautiful skin, and to avoid acne.


Trikonasana is indeed one of the best choices of yoga for face beauty and healthy skin. The pose also improves flexibility level of the body in an incredible fashion. For getting started, first stand straight and widen one of the legs the maximum you can, without bending the other leg. Now bend to the same side to which you extended the leg and make the hand touch the ground. Raise the other hand straight up in the air and turn your head to look at the finger tip. This is an easy yoga to increase beauty in least time.