Yoga poses to increases your brain power and its benefits

brain power and its benefits

One of the most important parts of the body is its brain, and it controls the activity of the other body parts. The brain can do marvelous things, and you can expand its power as per your need. It is the memory storage house of the body. To make it stronger and sharper, you need some different type of exercises for this. Apart from exercise, you can practice different types of yoga for brain health.

Heavy stress and anxiety can make brain to perform slower and can malfunction it. But, yoga can help you in this, and you can boost your brain power without any limit. Yoga helps you by regulating the nerve system of the brain which affects the mood and stress levels. However, following are some yoga practices which you can use to increase your brain power.

brain power and its benefits

Yoga poses to increase brain power

  1. The Lotus Pose:

It is also known as the Padmasana. This is a yoga meditation pose and to get the best result you can practice it in the morning. You need to do it for 1 to 5 minutes regularly.

Its benefits:

This is the best yoga for mind relaxation. During this yoga practice involves stretching of ankles and knees. So, that will help you to improve the body posture, and it immediately calms the brain. The Lotus pose also boosts the chakras presented in the body, and it enhances your awareness level.

  1. The Diamond Pose:

Known as the Vajrasana, it is a kneeling and breathing exercise. You can make your mind and body stronger using this yoga form. You can practice this yoga meditation after the meal for 5 to 10 minutes.

Its benefits:

It helps to improve digestion and reduce constipation. Better digestion can lead to maintain a healthy brain. Apart from that, it will further eliminate stomach disorder acidity. During this meditation, you can obtain immediate relaxation. It enhances your brain muscles.

  1. The super brain yoga:

It is just n squatting exercise which involves some turning and twisting of the body. Anyone can practice the super brain yoga.

Its benefits:

The super brain yoga benefits you by enhancing your brain power through synchronization of the alpha brain waves. It is a very helpful yoga for those who are suffering from ADHD, Depression, anxiety and more.

  1. The Half Lord of the Fishes Pose:

Also known as ArdhaMatsyendrasana; it involves a twist of spinal with some variation. While practice this you will go through around 12 hatha yoga asanas and get best result practice this yoga in the early morning for 40 to 60 seconds.

Its benefits:

This meditation boosts the movement of fresh oxygen inside your body and detoxifies the internal body organs. It also boosts the blood circulation process. If your brain gets required fresh oxygen and blood, it will work properly.

  1. The Seated Forward Bend Pose:

It is a Hatha yoga meditation also known as Himottanasana. You can do this yoga pose in the morning for around 40 to 50 seconds.

Its benefits:

It eliminates depression and stress. Apart from that it works great for a headache and helps to prevent high blood pressure, insomnia and more.

  1. The Plow Pose:

This yoga meditation helps you to bring out your body’s hidden capabilities. As the name suggests, it represents the shape of the plow. So, it is also known as Halasana. Practice this pose daily for by holding the pose for around 40 to 50 second. This is the perfect yoga to improve brain power

Its benefits: 

This pose is best to maintain your blood sugar level and maintains body’s metabolism process. It directly affects the thyroid gland.

  1. The Peacock or Mayurasana Pose:

This meditation involves some complicated steps, but with regular practice, you can do this comfortably. While doing this, try to hold the pose for 40 to 60 seconds.

Its benefits:

The peacock pose helps to reduce high blood sugar and improves kidneys function. Apart from this, with this yoga pose, you can get better concentration and coordination power.

  1. The Headstand Pose:

It is also called as Sirsasana which involve complete inversion of the body. You can hold the sirsasana pose for 2 to 6 minutes while practicing.

Its benefits:

You can practice this to get instant relaxation. It improves lung and the performance of the abdominal organs. It also boosts blood circulation inside the brain.

Besides, there are several other brain yoga exercises which you can practice daily to strengthen your brain, and you can also take your brain power to another level.