What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

Interestingly, both mindfulness and meditation are meant to lessen the confusions in life, but there is a lot of confusion between the two. People are not sure whether mindfulness and mediation is the same thing or there is any difference between the two. Well, the difference between the two is akin to the difference between yoga and meditation. The life what we call is about the body, five senses, and the consciousness.

Difference between meditation and mindfulness

We get things or the happenings around through the senses, do things through the body, and understand, realize, feel, decide about intellect, etc, through mind. In short, there is an ever changing materialistic life with lots of happenings around, and there is a constant soul or consciousness.

Just like yoga is for empowering the body or the bodily matters and meditation is about the true consciousness or soul, similarly, mindfulness is about empowering the senses those receive the matters and again, meditation is about the constant soul. Anyway, difference between mindfulness and meditation is described in detailed fashion below.

Difference between mindfulness and meditation, or the correlation between the two:

As explained above, a person to attain the enlightenment is desired to be in perfect harmony with the body and mind. You can’t think about attaining the ultimate state of meditation if you have various bodily issues or disturbances. However, as we know that mind is more disturbing and stays in state of confusion.

It means prior knowing what meditation is or what’s the feel someone gets through it, more important is to observe the source from which those conflicts or the confusing thoughts arise. And, the same is attained through mindfulness practice. It’s basically the state of mind that can be attained by extreme concentration on the present moment, or that ultimate state with a heartfelt realization or consciousness that the present moment is the calmest.

It’s the state attained through proper mindfulness exercise where you remain absolutely calm in mind, irrespective of the feelings, thoughts, or vibes. And, when you go beyond that, realizing the fountain of love and happiness inside, this state is called the ultimate state post meditation. In short, prior attaining the most of meditation, you have to first learn about the mindfully yoga definition in a proper way.

Mindfulness: The art of getting truly calm inside

Mindfulness basically refers to the practice of being entirely in the present state. When a person absolutely remains in present, he/she hardly gets fluctuated or diverted in mind through various emotions or thoughts. The person manages to focus on the aspect properly. This is when he/she gets about the right intellects from within.

It’s sounds easy, but needs a lot of practice, knowledge, and moreover, guidance from someone an expert for perfection. The best recommendation would be to join a center offering meditation training in Rishikesh. Especially, the beginners should ensure that the trainer is there to guide him/her at every step. It’s like clearing the whole sorts of ambiguities or confusions in mind that enables the person in proper concentration.