How yoga can help keep you drug free

How Yoga Can Helps Keep You Drug Free [1]

The cases of drug addiction are growing in a serious fashion. It demands immediate and significant concern. Especially, the issue is getting challenging among the youth. Unfortunately, urban youth, even the well-educated professionals are also becoming the victim of this bad habit. They start initially to avoid stress, which later turns in to an addiction. It becomes very difficult later to get rid of this bad habit. However, yoga would be a very good recommendation for such people.

How Yoga Can Helps Keep You Drug Free [1]

Why yoga is so effective?

As said above, stress is one of the prominent reasons that make people try drugs. Though there are many who try drugs for enjoyment, but the number of cases where drug addiction is becoming predominant is due to increasing stress level. And, yoga for addiction healing has a quite proven record. Yoga is the most effective against addiction as it brings back the tranquility in the practitioner’s mind. Someone in stress measurably lacks tranquility in mind. He/she lacks decision making skill, which makes him/her even more unstable. To forcefully calm down the body and mind, the person takes help of drug. Drugs usually calm down the nervous system making them weaker, which though relieves the person temporarily, but later is turned in to an addiction.

The yoga treatment for addiction:

Yoga for addiction treatment is extremely popular around the globe. As explained above, drug addiction makes the person internally weak by weakening his/her nervous system. However, yoga rejuvenates the body cells and nervous system through supply of fresh oxygen. Various yoga poses, especially the meditation and pranayam techniques help the person bring back the tranquility in mind. The person starts feeling confident about confronting various issues. Mostly such people are started with yoga for anxiety treatment, later heading towards higher forms of meditation to awaken the consciousness level. As the days pass with practice of yoga, the person starts realizing an uplifted intellect level.

Some must recommended Yoga poses for drug addicts:

 Anulom-Vilom: This is an effective yoga exercise for drug addiction treatment. Anulom-Vilom rejuvenates the body cells by providing them purest form of oxygen. It also calms down the mind as the focus remains on the air you intake and exhale. All it needs is to breathe in through one of the nostrils, keeping the other closed. And then, exhale through the other, keeping the nostril through which you inhaled closed. Repeat the process for 15-20 minutes.


Kapalbhati is one of the most popular yoga in Rishikesh, learned by many who become addicted with yoga. It is known for its effectiveness against hypertension, blood pressure, etc, those are crucial for someone addicted with drug. It makes the practitioner energetic as well.


Apart from pranayams and meditations, Natarajasana is one of the most effective physical yoga poses for drug addiction treatment. Here the person has to first stand straight, then lift one of the legs bending from the knee, lifting it and holding its toe through the hand of same side. The upper body remains tilted towards the ground a bit, while the other hand remaining stretched, straight, and parallel with the ground.