How to do correct ParivritaTrikonasana

hatha yoga postures

Asanas:  ParivritaTrikonasana

parivrttah = To turn around, revolve

trikona =Three angle or triangle

asana = pose


To do the asana

The starting pose: Stand in tardasana position with feet more than shoulder width apart and rise the arms sideways to shoulder level.

Bend forward

Rotate the trunk to the right, bring the left hand to the right foot.  And place it in the outer part of the foot if is possible.

The right arm must be extended vertically having a straight line between the two arms.

Look up at the right hand.

Hold the final position for a few seconds, feeling the stretch and twist of the back.

To come out of the pose:  Return to the centre forward position. Keeping the arms in a horizontal position with the floor. And keep the shoulder level of the hands.

If is need micro-bend the knee to be stand again.


The adjustment: it could be verbal, so the students do not lose the balance.  Bring focus in the hip flexion and square of it to the side.

The feet are pointing to the same side

The is  gap between the legs to give space to the hip to open it and twist.

The knee and the ankle should be looking to the sae direction.

Also is possible to bring assistance, by standing on one side of the student and bring stability with our hip and then help to twist the thoracic and lumbar spine.


Benefits: Constipation, digestive problems, asthma, lower backache, sciatica. Strengths and stretch the legs. Stretch the hips and spine. Opens the chest to improve breathing. Relieves mild back pain. Stimulates the abdominal organs.

wrong vs right pose