Yoga poses that will help you relax before bedtime

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

If you believe that yoga has to be vigorous, and blood pumping exercise then you need to think again. As a matter of fact, yoga for health included exercises that are very useful and will only a few minutes bring a lot of changes in your mind and body. There are so many benefits that will help you with the gentle yoga sequence for a short time.

If you are busy for a whole then, even then you can take some minutes out right before going to bed. It will make your body more comfortable by releasing all the stress that you endured during the daytime. In a simple way, this is an easy way to unwind your muscles after a terrific day.

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Give some time and practice these yoga postures right before the bed and see how you sleep like a baby at night.

  1. Virasana (Hero Pose): Rest your glutes on your heels and sit comfortably in that posture with the top of your leg on the floor. It will stretch your ankles and knees gently that will allow the lubricants of the joints to flow smoothly. This will prevent injury, discomfort, cracking sound and will make you feel comfortable and warm.


  1. Marjaryasana and Bitilasana (Cat and Cow Pose): You need to come on your knees and hands posture then exhale and tilt the crown area of your head down to the ground making a C-curve out of your spine. Then inhale, in which you have to bring back the tail and crown area upwards that will make a hollow of your back. Repeat it for few times in order to feel the vertebrae and spine loosen up.



  1. Balasana (Child Pose): This yoga for good night sleep posture is easy and simple. You need to come to the tabletop position. Then sink back in such a way that your help is touching your hip area and toes touch each other. Be comfortable by spreading your knees. Make sure that your forehead is touching the floor.


  1. Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall): In this yoga poses for bedtime, keep your legs straight by the wall while resting your back on the floor. Make sure that your glutes touch the wall which will stretch your hamstring gently. It helps in draining lactic acid and lymph and prevents the injuries. You will see that the fatigues and sore when you spend a long time on your feet.

The most important thing is that listens to your body and be comfortable. You don’t have to push your limits as you have to sleep and spraining your leg is not a good idea. Be at your ease to ensure that you get the best result. Also, talk with some instructor that can get you better tips of yoga for a night or some extra points that can ensure that you are calm and composed. It will help in modifying your body that will be best as per your body.