Yoga and Pilates- How about combining both?

Trying out a combination of Yoga and Pilates would be great if you want to achieve core strength. Even though there are differences which exist between Pilates and Yoga workout, with Yoga being therapeutic and emphasizing awareness of body’s position and alignment while Pilates focused on working on the entire body, there are still a few similarities between the two regarding the goals and the moves.

It is because of these similarities that today these two different types of workouts can be incorporated into a new combination. Generally, Pilates workout is based on six major principles which are breath, flow, concentration, control, precision and centering which are almost similar to the basic principles of Yoga.

Yoga and Pilates-

Why is breathing important in Yoga and Pilates?

If you a little about both Yoga and Pilates then one of the first similarities you will find in these two exercise forms is how both emphasize the importance of breathing. Generally, Yoga incorporates a lot more importance on breathing in its philosophy compared to Pilates. For instance, if you try out a few Yoga postures, you will have to integrate yourself into steady yogic breathing into the routine slowly. Moreover, there are a few meditative practices in yoga which rely entirely on the way you breathe.

Joseph Pilates, who is the founder and inventor of Pilates, also went through and studied the various aspects of yoga and realized how proper breathing is very important during exercising. Hence, the students who practice Pilates are always asked to breathe properly and as fully as they can. Both, in Yoga and Pilates classes, correct breathing ensures that the body muscles receive enough oxygen they require for natural contraction.

The benefits of combining Yoga and Pilates

If you start the combined yoga Pilates workout, you give your body a chance to reap the benefits of both of these types of exercise. In contrast to working on building a muscular body which is usually one of the main aims of other workout regimens, the integration of both Yoga and Pilates will prove to be more conducive to develop a body that is lean, strong, efficient as well as graceful all at the same time.

Moreover, if you combine Yoga along with Pilates, you will be able to deal with stress effectively. This is the reason why these two workout techniques are slowly getting considered and employed as a system of ‘physical rehabilitation.’ Last but not the least, another benefit of combining Pilates and Yoga is how the two increase our chances of attaining harmony and mental, physical as well as emotional fitness.

Pilates and Yoga in Conjunction

The techniques used in both Pilates and Yoga make them an ideal combination to be integrated into a workout combination. Be it Yoga or Pilates; both have proven to be extremely effective regarding achieving the goals which they promise can be achieved if one follows the requirements of both the exercise regimens properly. For instance, you can use the stretching significance from Yoga and incorporate it into Pilate exercises.

Moreover, you can also try to improve how you practice yoga postures after working out and building up the abdominal muscles from Pilates workout. The importance of breathing in both of these exercise forms can also be used in your daily life which can help you have a stress-free mind and a healthier and stronger body. The best thing about Pilates and Yoga is that you will benefit a lot from them even if you practice them for as little as 15 minutes a day.

The physical exercises followed in these two exercise philosophies help to not only improve the physical health but greatly benefit mental and emotional health. Going by the current popularity of Yoga and Pilates, you can start by enrolling in beginner courses first to get an idea of the basic exercises followed in Pilates and Yoga.

However, before enrolling, ensure that the institute and the teachers there are certified and have enough experience. Both of these exercises can result in a great amount of injury if you do not do them properly. When you feel that the movements in an exercise are painful for you, then stop immediately and try out some other comfortable movement.