Top 4 Locations where Yoga Has Been Banned

yoga is banned

Countless people practice yoga for peace of mind, to be better at certain sports, to diminish chronic physical illnesses, or just for the sake of feeling better. Despite the fact that certain individuals see yoga as an exercise and meditation activity, there are others who think that this attempt creates a new breed of spirituality and religion that is often alleged as taboo.

Evidently, there are countries and locations which do not seem to agree with it. Furthermore, they try to try limit or ban the practice of yoga.

Yoga has its fitness benefits, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, the idea of spirituality and the question if yoga is a religion prevails in many locations in the region of the world. Often times, yoga even causes so much discussion about this topic that many competitors decide to end.

Mentioned below are four countries and locations where banned yoga classes due to this issue:

yoga is banned


Many places in Russia ban yoga because it thinks it’s an evil religious faction that may develop the notion of terrorism. In last few years, news went out that one yoga trainer and practitioner have been arrested over a talk about yoga in St. Petersburg. One of the foremost yoga monks Mr. Ugay has been issued a warrant for arrest on the basis of practicing illegal missionary traditions and religious conviction. A decade ago, Russia seemed to welcome yoga. The realm held exercises of the practice in Red Square to sponsor much of it to the public, mainly its health benefits. But now, yoga practitioners in Russia are troubled over a new law about the practice of yoga.


While many ban yoga because of its “religious influence,” the University of Ottawa has banned a free yoga class practice over educational sensitivity. In any case, yoga was developed in India, and the sponging of India’s culture has other people worried about it. The initiators of the practice struggled for a place to continue teaching free yoga classes. They practice yoga now, but many alleged it has its limitations still. Several people still have those discomforts of doing yoga.


It’s not the entire country, but one national council has called its Muslim society to stop practicing yoga because it broadcasts Hinduism. They argue that yoga may distort their society through its practices because it’s un-Islamic. However, ample of Muslims does yoga for wellness and health purposes.


In recent times, St David’s Church in Wales has banned yoga in its society and now the whole town is fuming. The citizens will be staging protests by boycotting the church and its services. The Sun UK has informed that while yoga was ruled out, Pilates can still be practiced.

Despite threats and ban from another group of people and countries, yoga will still blossom in this world. After all, it’s been here for more than 5,000 years. The essence of yoga is not easy to ban. However, here are few locations where yoga is banned but the essence will remain forever.